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Ragnarok Eternal Love Viral! These are 6 differences with old school RO

Ragnarok Eternal Love was recently released. so hypeof Ragnarok fans, making Ragnarok Eternal Love immediately invaded by fans gamer.

Ragnarok Eternal Love has gameplay which is exactly the same as the previous game, Ragnarok Online, which used to be on PC and is now a classic version of the Ragnarok Online series.

Although it has a theme and gameplay exactly the same, there are of course various differences between the two.

So what’s the difference? Let’s just discuss, what are the differences between Ragnarok Eternal Love and the old version of Ragnarok Online. Cekidot!

1. PC vs Mobile

If you played Ragnarok Online (RO) on PC, then now you play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROMEL) on gadgets or smartphone you. Yes, from the name alone Ragnarok M which means Ragnarok Mobile.

Although it is devoted to gadgets mobileROMEL can still be played on a PC, using emulator Android.

Is playing with emulator legal or allowed? Gravity, party publisher of the game even suggest using Mumu or Nox if you want to play it on emulator.

2. Quite Different Controls

Source: Harleth

Both actually have a similar basis of control, namely by moving or giving commands to characters by clicking.

It’s just that for ROMEL does not completely have to be clicked. You can do drag until it appears virtual d-pad to move your character.

In addition, you can’t rotate the view direction up to 360° like you can do in the PC version of RO.

3. 3D vs 2.5D

Be grateful, even though ROMEL has gameplay and the same theme, but has a better graphic display than the previous RO version.

The PC version of the classic RO has a 2D display or may include 2.5D. This is because classic RO still uses sprites with a 2D view, it’s just that there are a few sprites which is displayed like 3D but actually sprites it is in 2D form.

In contrast to ROMEL which already has a fully 3D display so that the image is more “interesting” for the audience gamer lay.

4. Selfie feature

Source: Ragnarok Mobile PH

If you play RO PC, then you will find very different features. YepROMEL has features selfieso you can take pictures of your own character even in person close-up.

Interestingly, in ROMEL you have quest where to take photos selfie in certain places. So like it or not, you must at least try this feature once, to finish quest.

With this feature, one photo guild won’t be stiff anymore.

5. Combat Time/Stamina

If you play classic RO, you can play for up to 24 hours non-stop if you are strong. Although personally for me, playing with it is really unhealthy.

Now for ROMEL you don’t have to worry about being addicted like that. Because in ROMEL there is a system Combat Time or commonly called stamina.

This system limits us in playing ROMEL. Every day we will be given time to play the game for 300 minutes or 5 hours. During these hours, you will get drop rate normal and exp normal.

If it’s over combat timedoes not mean you will not be able to play ROMEL again.

You can still play, it’s just that you will find it difficult to get drop and exp. Even lightning chaina items for adder drop rate also useless when combat time finished.

6. Auto Mode

If you play classic RO, then it is strictly forbidden to play online auto or commonly called bot. Where your character can walk alone, hunting alone, leveling yourself without having to touch the PC.

Well, it turns out that it’s not forbidden for ROMEL, as long as it’s playing auto mode without using third party applications. Of course auto mode here only has a feature to hunt monsters only.

That’s the difference between Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and classic Ragnarok Online. Which do you think is more interesting between the two?