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Quest Wishes Guide in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact requires players to complete the ‘Wishes’ quest before playing events such as Tuned to the World’s Sounds and Labyrinth Warrior.

‘Wishes’ is the ninth and final chapter of the Inazuman Archon Quest in Teyvat’s storyline. To be precise, Wishes is in Chapter II, Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals. Players can complete quests by following the navigation on the quest menu in Genshin Impact.

Guide to Opening and Completing Wishes Genshin Impact Quests

You can unlock the Wishes quest by completing the previous quest chain, ‘The Omnipresent God.’

At this point, Traveler and Paimon planned to leave Tenshukaku, talking to the Raiden Shogun at Plane of Euthymia regarding the Vision Hunt Decree.

Only after defeating the Raiden Shogun can you start the Wishes quest. You can observe your progress from the Quest Menu by pressing ‘J’ on the keyboard for PC platforms.

Furthermore, by following the navigation, you should be able to complete the quest easily without any problems.

Visit Yae Miko at Grand Nakarumi Shrine