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PUBG Mobile Best DMR List 2022

One type of weapon in PUBG Mobile is the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). This article will discuss the best 2022 PUBG DMR weapons.

This battle royale genre game provides various types of weapons. Each weapon has its own stats and uses. One of them, this DMR, which is known as its long-range attack. Immediately, here is the list of the best DMRs in 2022 PUBG Mobile.

1. Credits

pubg mobile credit

The best DMR for PUBG Mobile 2022 is the Samorazyadny Karabin system Simonova or SKS for short. This weapon has a pretty lethal performance. One of the reasons why this DMR is a favorite is because of its availability on the Map.

DMR has an initial damage of 55 with 7.62mm bullets. Its high rate of fire makes the damage of second (DMS) of this weapon quite deadly. Unfortunately, the magazine SKS only 10. Not suitable for playing style bars.

2. SLR

pubg mobile slr

The existence of this Self Loading Rifle is indeed quite rare on the map. Even so, he became one of the players’ favorite DMR weapons. The advantage of the SLR is that the initial damage is quite high, amounting to 58 with a 7.61mm bullet size.

However, unfortunately there are only 10 bullets. The Rate of Fire is also fairly slow with a high recoil rate compared to SKS. However, many players like it because if an attachment is attached, this weapon can be even more deadly.

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3. MK14

mk12 pubg mobile

MK14 is another best DMR list. The specialty of this weapon is its large damage, which is 60 with 7.62mm bullets. The high Rate of Fire also makes the DMS more barren.

Another advantage is that the MK14 is equipped with 2 firing modes, namely automatic and single. Both are equally good when used. As for the drawbacks, the recoil of the weapon is fairly high. Therefore, the user must be able to control the DMR to turn this one off.

Well, that’s the list of the best DMRs for PUBG Mobile 2022. Even though it has its drawbacks, the advantages of this weapon are the favorites of many players to overthrow their opponents.