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Popular Hero with High Win Rate on M2

The highest event of the Mobile Legends tournament, the M2 World Championship has been held. At the event, of course, there are many interesting things to watch, one of which is the selection of heroes. This time, we will discuss a series of popular heroes with high win rates on M2.

4 Popular Heroes with High Win Rates on M2

The selection of the heroes of the players may be an inspiration for the audience when playing later. What are some popular heroes with high wins in M2? Here’s more.

1. Claude

The popular hero with a high win rate in first place is occupied by Claude. This marksman hero appeared 31 times in all rounds of M2 with a win rate of 71% or 22 wins.

2. Alice

Second, there is Alice who is the Over Power tank hero. Win rate is below Claude’s 69%. It has been played 19 times with a ratio of 52% tires and picks in the M2 World Championship Mobile Legends 2022.

3. Silvanna

Next, there is Silvanna who is a fighter hero with a high win rate. In total, selected 30 times to play and banned 21 times.

The total win rate is 67 percent or getting a win in 20 games played. Silvanna is also very popular with a percentage in the pick-ban phase of 74 percent.

4. Yi Sun-Shin

Under Silvanna or in third place is Yi Sun-Shin. This marksman-type hero is quite popular in the M2 World Championship with a total of 32 votes and 37 bans. The win rate is quite high at 66%.

While the pick-ban percentage of this hero reaches 100 percent, in other words, it is always in the draft, both picks and tires.

5. Lapu-Lapu

In fourth place, there is Lapu-lapu. In total, this hero was selected 40 times and banned 11 times. This hero’s win rate is also quite high, namely 64 percent or getting 24 wins.

Actually, there are four heroes with a 100 percent win rate throughout M2 matches. However, they rarely appear. They are Diggie, Balmond, Uranus and Rafaela. Diggie himself only appeared in three games.

Meanwhile, heroes with 0 win rate are occupied by heroes who are rarely chosen with a maximum of only two games. They were Alucard, Masha, Valir, Helcurt, X.Borg and five other names.

Well, that’s a number of popular heroes who have a high win rate on M2. Stay tuned for interesting information about esports from the Champions Website and don’t forget to visit our fanspage too.

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