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Poke Ball Plus, Worth Buying Or Not?

Simultaneously with the release Pokemon Let’s Go, Nintendo announced Poke Ball Plus. With a small Poke Ball shape, this Poke Ball Plus promises a better Pokemon game experience.

It’s just that the price of Poke Ball Plus is not cheap. In official site Of course, this thing is priced at US $ 49.99 or around Rp. 714,000, equivalent to one cartridge Nintendo Switch games. Considering that is the price retail in America and Canada, the price of Poke Ball Plus is clearly more expensive in Indonesia.

This of course raises the question, is this Poke Ball Plus worth buying for its expensive price? In this article, we will discuss what features you can enjoy from this Poke Ball Plus. From there you can judge whether you can maximize all of these features.

Controller Alternative and Mew!

You can make Poke Ball Plus as a controller when playing Pokemon Let’s Go. Due to the limited number of buttons, you may not be able to use it as a controller for other games. But at least you get feel which is better when catching Pokemon than using Joycon.

One more thing you shouldn’t forget when you have Poke Ball Plus is Mew! Yup, when I first connected it to Pokemon Let’s Go, you can get Mew for free. Until now this is the only way to get Mew and equip your Pokedex.

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Level Up in Pokemon Let’s Go quickly

As controllerPoke Ball Plus is also a very effective tool to level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go.

You can add one Pokemon in your collection to Poke Ball Plus. After that you can take the Pokemon for a walk while inviting him to play.

After you are satisfied with taking him for a walk, you can return the Pokemon to Pokemon Let’s Go. Depending on how long and how far you walk, the Pokemon will get experience and levels. This means that while not playing you can still level up one of your Pokemon.

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Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go Very Easily!

I think this is the best function that Poke Ball Plus has to offer, at least so far.

By connecting Poke Ball Plus to Pokemon Go in smartphoneyou can easily catch Pokemon without looking smartphone. Just watch the lights and vibrations on your Poke Ball Plus, press a button, and you’ve caught a Pokemon.

This feature allows you to catch Pokemon even when you have to pay attention to your surroundings. Just hold it, walk as usual, and press the button when you feel a vibration. Surely you will catch far more Pokemon than before.

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In the end, Poke Ball Plus is an item luxury which is intended for you loyal fans of the Pokemon game. This Poke Ball Plus can only be worth buying if you really are or want to play Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go in a long time. Especially as there are more Pokemon Nintendo Switch games, this Poke Ball Plus will become more and more useful.

If you’re not an avid Pokemon fan or don’t intend to play Pokemon games consistently for a long time, it’s best to invest your money elsewhere.