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PlayStation Classic vs PS1: What's the Difference? How much does it cost?

Sony is following in the footsteps of Nintendo, which released the NES and SNES Classic Edition in bringing it back console his old.

The tech giant is about to re-release one of these console the iconic PS1 (PlayStation or PSX), with the name PlayStation Classic.

Console it will be released in package form bundle which contains old school games. Wait, then what’s the difference between this PlayStation Classic and PS1?

PlayStation Classic body view

The true PlayStation Classic is console replica with a size 45 percent smaller than the PS1. Sony also includes two controller Early PS1 version without analogue, one HDMI cable, and power cable.

The body will have Power, Open, and Reset buttons, with two slots for controller connector as well as memory card.

Endorsement memory card

For gamer now, they no longer need to save the results Save Game use memory card. But for those of you who have played PS1 before, you know how important it is memory card.

Without memory cardyou can’t enter the section Last Save Game which exists. Well, unfortunately this PlayStation Classic doesn’t support this feature memory card and other peripheral devices.

Number of games that can be played

This part is the most important. For those of you who don’t know, there are around 3000 PS1 game titles currently available. Well, PS1 can play all these PS1 games.

Unlike the PlayStation Classic which wasbundle in 20 game titles. The only way to play more games is that you have to buy them separately and depending on market who sold it.

This means that prices may vary. Here are some game titles that you can play directly:

  1. Battle Arena Toshinden
  2. Cool Boarders 2
  3. Destruction Derby
  4. Final Fantasy VII
  5. Grand Theft Auto
  6. Intelligent Qube
  7. Jumping Flash
  8. Metal Gear Solid
  9. Mr Driller
  10. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  11. Rayman
  12. Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  13. Revelations: Persona
  14. Ridge Racer Type 4
  15. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  16. Siphon Filter
  17. Tekken 3
  18. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  19. Twisted Metal
  20. Wild Arms

Displayed image resolution

PlayStation Classic will come in 480p or 720p resolution. 720p is the maximum video output that can be displayed. Although it’s not as clear as today’s 1080p or 4K images, the image quality is still acceptable.

PS1 itself does not support this 720p resolution because in the past the resolution was still at 240p. The PlayStation 2 itself only supports up to 480p.

With Pound Technologyyou can increase the game display to a resolution of 1280×720 to maximize compatibility with modern TVs.

HDMI cable support

Most televisions today, do not support the old video input method. This means that you cannot connect your PS1 directly to the television. The good news is that the PlayStation Classic supports HDMI so you can just plug it in and play.

The price is a little more expensive

This console is scheduled to be released in December 2022. If you want to do pre orderyou have to pay US $ 99 or around Rp. 1.5 million.

The PS1 itself is sometimes priced at US $ 49 or around Rp. 750 thousand. Orders can be made through Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy. Console It will be released on December 3rd.

So, those are some pictures of the comparison between the PlayStation Classic and the PS1. How, interested to buy it?