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Plaustrite Shard Genshin Impact : Location Guide

Genshin Impact is getting more and more popular by the day. This article will discuss Plaustrite Shard Genshin Impact, how to get it.

This fantasy-themed RPG game has a very wide playing area and lots of resources to collect and create new items. Has a rich and diverse resource search location that will invite players to explore more locations.

Where is the Plaustrite Shard in Genshin Impact?

Genshin has introduced a new mini-game with Lantern Rites festival with tower defense-like gameplay. The player must protect the tower from waves of different enemies. The new mini-game is called Theater Mechanicus.

To participate in the event, players must have Xiao Lanterns. To make it, player Xiao Lanterns needed certain resources, one of which was the Plaustrite Shard. Fortunately, there are locations where players can farm these Plaustrite Shards.

1. Southwest of Mt. Aozang

Plaustrite Shard Genshin Impact : Location Guide

The first location to find Plaustrite Shard is southwest of Mt. Aozang. Players can find Geovisap hatchlings and many crystal nodes.

Players need to defeat the enemies here and destroy all the ores (stones) to get a large number of Plaustise Shards.

2. Mt Tianheng

2. Mt Tianheng

The second location is at Mt. Tianheng. Here, players will find enough ores that can be destroyed to get plaustrite shards.

Another way is to beat Geovisap, Geovisap Hatchling or Stonehide Lawachurl to get the plaustrite shard.

Players can also beat Geovishap, Geovishap Hatchling, or Stonehide Lawachurl to get some Plaustrite Shards, these creatures don’t always drop them as a resource but most of the time they do.

Where to Find Geovishap Hatchlings in Genshin Impact?

To get Fragile Bone shards, players must overcome Geovishap Hatchling. Geovishap Hatchling is a monster that drops Fragile Bone shards that can level up past the level 20 limit.

Here’s a guide on Geovishap Hatching locations in Genshin Impact:

  • First, players must go to Tianquai Valley and head east near the nearest teleportation portal there.
  • Geovishap Hatchlings rarely appear, so players need to walk around the area so they can spawn.
  • After they reveal themselves, the player must start capturing by fighting them.
  • When they lose, the creature will drop the Fragile Bone shards it can collect from its remains.