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Perch Location (Perch) Tsurumi Genshin Impact – Location Perch (Perch) Tsurumi Genshin Impact.

Once you arrive at Tsurumi Island Genshin Impact, you will be greeted by fog. You can dispel this fog by praying on perches (Perchs), special glowing trees scattered around the island.

In fact, you are required to do this to complete the world quest “Through the Mists”. Our Genshin Impact guide will show you where to find perches and how to navigate through the fog without getting lost.

How to get rid of the mist on Tsurumi Island

Completing “Through the Mists” will not clear all the fog on the island. It will only partially remove in certain areas of the perch.

Every perch was shrouded in mist. To avoid getting lost in the fog, you must use dimly lit structures called Stormstones. Move from structure to structure to avoid getting lost in the fog.

After completing a little tutorial and finding the first perch, you will be directed to the ceremony area.

The quest will only ask you to look for the other three perches without guiding you there.

The locations of the three perches you need to complete “Through The Mist” are below.

Perch Location (Perch) Tsurumi Genshin Impact