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PC and Console Lose? 5 Signs That Now is the Age of Mobile Games!

Believe it or not, that now is the era of games mobile?

In ancient times, the game mobile still quite normal. Indeed we can play games on the device mobileIt is just experience what is obtained is very far from experience when playing on other devices such as PCs or PCs console.

Along with the development of the times, technology in mobile also growing. What used to be a device mobile can only play casual type games, now a lot of devices mobile especially smartphone already able to play games that are close to PC or mobile devices console.

Of course it shows that we have entered an era where games mobile is a common thing in society.

We can see various signs that we can find around us as can be observed based on these 5 signs. Come on check!

1. Graphical Appearance Close to PC and Console

Around the early 2000s, game mobile always synonymous with casual type games. This is due to the limited technological capabilities hardware and also concept in game mobile itself.

Appearance smartphone with specifications that are quite qualified for people to play games more sophisticated, making games mobile start approaching with experience when playing on PC or on consoleespecially in graphical displays.

2. Number of Middle Class Smartphones with Enough Specifications for Gaming

Smartphone was still a luxury item about a few years ago, but nowadays smartphone not become something “weird” for people to have, even become a commodity for everyone. It feels very strange if someone doesn’t have smartphone.

This changing trend makes producers hardware compete to meet consumer demand for smartphonethus making the supply smartphone be a lot.

Even smartphone with the middle class already having technology like the Snapdragon 600 series, it’s enough to be able to play games made using Unreal Engine 4.

3. Many Games Ported to Mobile

Source: GamingPH

Many games that were originally available on PC and consoles have been re-released mobile-his. This March is one of the months where many versions of games will be released mobile such as Lineage 2, Fortnite Battle Royale and so on.

Even now there is a lot of one game on line which was popular in its time, namely Ragnarok Online which is now Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

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4. Go to the Internet Cafe to Play Mobile Games

The change in people’s behavior in playing this game is very interesting. Because usually people go to the cafe that used to be for browsing/surfing and play various games on linebegan to shift to play the games on mobile.

How come? This is because of the technology emulator which can be installed on a PC device.

Emulators itself is a technology where someone can run application programs or even games that were originally intended for a particular device, but can be played on other devices that were not originally able to run on it. For example, playing Android games on PC.

Multiple apps emulator android on PC, like bluestacks, Noxor Openbox usually installed on PC cafes where it turns out that some customers like to play Android games, or even internet cafe customers who install applications emulator the.

Advantages of playing the game mobile on PC usually because of problems performance play games at mobile which is sometimes not as good as when on a PC. Even if only emulatorsometimes performance when playing on PC is much better than playing on smartphone.

5. VR Games on Mobile

First Lesson on Playstation VR. There might be a Mobile version of the First Lesson later!

VR or Virtual Reality is a technology where you can feel a virtual engineering but can feel like you are in the real world. This technology can of course be used to play or we can call it VR Gaming.

VR games are also one of the applications that use technology gaming which is still relatively new. Previously VR games could not be played on mobilebut with the technology now available in smartphoneenabling people to play VR games with devices mobile!

So, those are 5 signs that now is the era of games mobile. Just so you know, that some developers and publisher famous games have also been eyeing to be able to enter mobile.

Just look at Blizzard, the funny thing is thatbully because Blizzard showed off Diablo: Immortal, the version of Diablo game mobile. Even though the Diablo game on mobile has interesting potential.

Well, we’ll see later, is it the game era? mobile this is true!