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Panzerfaust PUBG Mobile, Everything You Need to Know

The new PUBG Mobile map, Karakin, has been released as of April 7, 2022. The PUBG Mobile Panzerfaust is one of the most awaited weapons in the map.

In addition to weapons, of course there are new items that will be presented starting from vehicles, zones, and much more. Talking about weapons, this Panzerfaust is enough to make many players curious. For that we will review it in this article.

History of the Panzerfaust Senjata

The Panzerfaust was an anti-tank weapon used by Nazi Germany during World War II. This weapon is fairly cheap, single-shot, and without cover.

No need for bullets, because this weapon uses a rocket to launch it and can only be used once. However, the explosive power is very high and is usually operated by a single soldier.

The ancestor of the Panzerfaust is the Faustpatrone weaponry device with a smaller explosive power. The Panzerfaust was used from 1943 until the end of the war.

At first glance, this weapon is similar to a bazooka that has a large explosive power. He is able to aim at targets precisely up to a distance of 40 meters. In the war against the Soviet Union in Berlin, the Panzerfaust played an important role as an anti-tank weapon for Nazi defense.

Panzerfaust PUBG Mobile

As a deadly weapon of war belonging to the Nazis, the Panzerfaust was adapted in the PUBG Mobile game and brought to the Karakin Map. You can use Panzerfaust which is a bazooka or or rocket launcher in the newly added Archane Payload mode.

This weapon is one time use only. So, it will automatically disappear from your inventory when you use it.

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Can be found in Airdrops and Secret Bunkers

In the Karakin map, you can only get this weapon from the airdrop. That’s why, this weapon is fairly rare. In addition to airdrops, you can also find them under a secret bunker. You can break the road to the bunker first with a sticky bomb.

PUBG Mobile’s Panzerfaust Can Break Walls

This weapon can damage the wall. But that doesn’t mean the damage of this weapon is super large, but the walls on the Karakin map are deliberately made thin so that players can shoot them. The shooting range of this weapon is up to 250 meters.

This weapon will deal damage 3 meters back and 6 meters around the point of explosion when you launch it. With this you can kill many enemies at once.

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