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New Game Mode "Arena" Will Soon be Released in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends will soon present a new 1v1 battle model called Arena. In this game mode, players can only play it in three minutes. The mechanism used is based on colletible card with three types of cards namely Hero, Monster and Spell.

In the arena, players must use the cards they have to defeat their opponents, just like in the game Magic Chess. Players have to beat Little Commander opponent to win the match. The rules are simple, players only need to take advantage of essence well for summon monsters and heroes to attack Little Commander opponent.

Players can use the help of spells tocounter opponent’s movements or use shards to summon monsters. By using shards, Essencee will be generated later. Essence this is useful for summoning heroes who are stronger than monsters and spells.

Rank Up To Unlock More Cards


Players can also rank up to unlock more cards or use summoning orbs to draw open cards at the current rank. When playing rank in Arena mode, players can lock in to get as many cards as possible. When there is the same type of card obtained, the player can increase the ability of the card.

There are also recommended card sets, which players can easily find in the collection. It is important to note, a good card set is the key to beating Little Commander opponent.

Actually, this game has been available on the Advanced Server since last October, but will only be released on the original server on November 27 when the MPLI event begins. And, this mode is only available for a limited time. Don’t miss it. Continue to visit our website and follow Champions Instagram to get the latest and interesting information about esports.