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Nerf Hero and Buff in Mobile Legends 1.5.44 Released January 12, 2022

Every week, Mobile Legends Advanced Server provides adjustments to a number of heroes to make the game more balanced. This update is a continuation of the January 5 patch.

For those of you who are curious about what is present in the patch notes 1.5.46 Mobile Legends, just take a look at the following discussion.

Hero Buff Mobile Legends 1.5.46

Hero Buff Mobile Legends 1.5.46

There are at least seven heroes who get buffs in this patch update. Here are the seven heroes:


First, the buff is given to Moskov with passive penetration damage from his basic attack increasing to 0.68 – 1.1 which was initially only 0.54-1.1. penetration damage after casting skill 2 also increases to 0.78-1.2

Revamp is pinned on the ultimate where Moskov’s spear will run out if it hits the opponent’s hero. But he will deal damage around the opponent’s area hit by the spear.


Second, there is a buff for Johnson where when in ultimate mode, he can issue nos by pressing his 2nd skill.


Next is Fanny’s hero who now gets a buff in skill 2 which is less, namely 17-20. Where previously 18-13.


Next, Hanabi gets the buff. HP regen obtained from attack lifesteal will be converted into a shield, there is an increase from 40% to 60%.

With this Shield will become easier to obtain. The shield limit of maximum HP increased from the previous 20% to 25% which made it thicker.


Physical attack bonus skill 1 Grock increased to 160% scaled according to the charge time. HP regen is also increased to 15+1.6 when he is near a wall.


Balmond also gets a buff on the cooldown of his 1st skill, dropping from 10 seconds to 8 to 5 seconds. The slow effect also drops to 30% for 2 seconds which was originally 40% with a time of 2.5 seconds.


Finally, Moonton provides a buff to Aldous by optimizing the use of this ultimate hero. Later, players who use this hero’s ultimate optimal skill will tap on the hero icon next to the ultimate button.

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Hero Nerf Mobile Legends 1.5.45

Hero nerf Mobile Legends 1.5.46 1.5.46

In this update, nerf is given to two heroes, namely Ling and Lapu-lapu. Here’s more.


Hero ling gets a regen energy adjustment when he is on a wall by being reduced from 10 to 9. His base energy is also reduced to 4 which was originally 5.


Next, adjustments are made to Lapu-Lapu heroes who are fighter heroes. His passive base shield will be reduced to 250. The additional defense of his ultimate skill is also reduced to 10-40.

The effect of the skill 3 area when the ultimate mode will be visible to the opponent, which makes it easier to avoid.

Well, that’s a row of buff and nerf heroes in the latest Mobile Legends 1.5.44 update which was released on January 12, 2022. Hopefully it’s useful.