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Naku Weed Genshin Impact Location and Farming Method – Location of Naku Weed Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact Naku Weed is a new plant in Inazuma. You may need quite a few of these plants in the next few weeks.

Naku Weed was a new Ascension material. While not as much as some of the new Inazuma materials, there is a way to change Naku Weed’s farming method which is easier.

What is Naku Weed?

If you take Naku Weed in the wild, you may wonder what it does. Until August, Naku Weed didn’t have many functions.

It is a new level-up material that, for now, only works with Yoimiya. Yoimiya’s banner starts around August 10th, so it’s not an important ingredient to look for at this time.

However, there’s no harm in gathering Naku Weed for later, even if you don’t want Yoimiya.

Common plant items like Naku Weed are often used in other characters’ Ascension, e.g. Valberry to Noelle and Rosaria.

It’s still early in the Inazuma update, so don’t be surprised if other new characters like Baal or Sara end up needing Naku Weed too.

Location of Naku Weed Genshin Impact

Naku Weed was scattered around the three islands of Inazuma. Most of them were on Kannazuka Island, with a few on Narukami, and even fewer on the third island.

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