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Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location – Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location. The Inazuma region introduction has launched a new area to explore in Genshin Impact. Exploration is one of the many offerings the game has to offer.

Going on multiple adventures will reward players with treasures, uncovering dungeons, and exciting trials.

This time we will guide you about all the trial locations that can be found in the Narukami Islands.

Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location

Altogether, there were seven Time Trials in the Narukami Archipelago. Here are the respective locations:

Kamisato Estate

Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location

To reach this time trial, players must go to the top near the Kamisato Estate and find a monument where the time trial symbol is floating.

Interact with the monument to open a pop-up menu to start the trial. It takes 25 seconds to complete where they need to collect 8 Electro particles.

Use Electrogranum’s abilities to jump and collect balls. It is quite easy to do this because they are located close to each other.

Completing the trial will reveal a chest that rewards the player with various items and 2 Primogems.

Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location – Chinju Forest Beachfront

Nakarumi Genshin Impact Trial Location

The next trial is located by the beach close to the Chinju Forest. Again, interact with the monument to start the Time Trial.