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Must Know! 5 Important Things About Share Items Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Tired of the characters you often play in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love? Yes, it’s natural that there is a desire to try other characters, because in this game there are various types job.

It’s just that we have to repeat again to play other characters, but you can take advantage of the features share items for the provision of this new character.

What’s that share items? That is a feature where you can share items that you have earned while playing.

Share items will be very useful to facilitate the development of a character without having to bother going back.

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It’s just that Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has more limited features than the classic Ragnarok Online game.

Before you are disappointed with these limitations, now you need to know about important things about share items in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love which we will discuss this time. Come on ah check!

1. Only One Account Limited

As mentioned earlier. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love features share items limited. If you can do trade privately in classic Ragnarok, so this time you can’t do it.

Another character you can do share items only characters that are in one account. Share items this is done using Shared Stash by visiting NPC Kafra and selecting Stash Service.

After that, look on the left and there is tab named Shared Stash. You can put items what you want share in stash the.

2. Shared Stash Can Only Be Taken by Premium

To take items those in the Shared Stash really need more effort. It is a pity indeed, to take items in Shared Stash you have to be a Premium User first.

You can still take items in Shared Stash with the minimum requirement that your level must be at least level 40 for Base Level.

Even though it’s easy to level up to 40, it’s also quite time consuming to just pick up items on Shared Stash

3. Premium Only Valid for One Character

Remember! This premium feature only applies to one character. If you create a new character and your main character is in premium condition, the new character will not be affected by the premium condition.

It is undeniable that this is very annoying because we have to pay back to make other characters premium.

The only way if you don’t want to buy Premium is to upgrade the new character to level 40.

4. Unlock Stash Pay 99 Zeny

Even though it’s relatively cheap, don’t forget that to open Stash Service you have to pay 99 zeny.

Usually we like to forget about this, finally looking for zeny change first just to open Stash.

Always remember that new characters usually don’t have as much money or zeny as our main characters.

5. Plain Items Only

If you have items equip that is specifically for that character, then you have to save it when it’s still plain or has never been done upgrade.

Items ever in-upgrade as refine, enhance nor enchantcannot beshare and put in the Shared Stash.

Usually, veteran Ragnarok M: Eternal Love players use shared stash to store materials that other characters might use.

So that’s the important thing that you must know when you want to share items in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. So you don’t regret knowing that there are feature limitations!