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miHoYo Introduces the Traveler's Diary (Traveler's Diary) Genshin Impact

The latest miHoYo announcement has provided a way for Travelers to track in-game currency via the Traveler’s Diary or Genshin Impact Traveler Diary.

miHoYo has released a new tool that monitors Primogems and Mora acquired in-game. Apart from that, this tool can also monitor how they were obtained, whether they were purchased or from gifts.

If you’re wondering how it works and where you can access it, we’ve covered in detail the latest information on this traveler’s diary.

Track Primogem with the Traveler’s Diary (Traveler’s Diary) Genshin Impact

Traveler’s Diary, available via HoYoLAB app, serves as a monetary management system. With this tool, players can see details about where and how they got Primogem and Mora.

To be able to access it, you must log in to the HoYoLAB mobile application. If Travelers haven’t installed the app, it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

Once installed, log in or register with your miHoYo ID details to access the app.