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MCL Mobile Legends M2 Edition Prize List

There will be many interesting events in Mobile Legends to welcome the M2 World Championship from January 18-24 2022. One of the events that many players have been waiting for is MCL.

The prize that Moonton gave during MCL this time was different from before when you won the tournament. Anything? the following in full.

Recall, Spawn, Border and More Effects

MCL Mobile Legends M2 Edition Prize

The prizes for the first MCL Mobile Legends M2 Edition are recall effects, spaws, borders and so on. Although it is the same as the previous MCL, the concept is very different. Because, this prize is specially presented in order to welcome M2, the highest event in the Mobile Legends competition.

Free Skins and Merchandise

MCL Prize M2 Edition

Next, there are skins and merchandise that you can take home. The main requirement to get both of them is to meet a pro player who beat him in MCL.

Those are a number of prizes that will be obtained at the MCL Edition M2 event. MCL itself will start on January 30, 2022 and be enlivened by pro players who play there. Come on, prepare your MCL tickets now.

What is MCL Mobile Legend?

MLBB Championship League (MCL) is a match league held online and can be followed by all Mobile Legends players. Simply put, MCL is another name for tournaments. This tournament is held every weekend, namely Saturday and Sunday.

Later the game will group you in different contexts according to their respective regions and MCL labels. You can become weekly champions and take home attractive prizes with 3 win streaks.

The rewards include spawn, recall and all of the above. You can also get trophies that can be displayed on your profile and loading screen before competing. And the main prize, getting an invitation to MCL Champions, which is an online competition for Mobile Legends.

What time is MCL Mobile Legend?

MCL will be held starting Saturday night at 20.00 and 21.00 WIB. A registration limit will be applied, if it passes the specified time limit, the player cannot participate in the tournament that week. You can wait for MCL in Next Week.

How Much Are MCL Tickets?

You can buy one MCL ticket for 20 diamonds. You can find the entrance ticket for this tournament in the Shop. Open Shop then click preparation and search MCL Entrance Ticket. You can also get it for free in the give away of various in-game events.