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Marvel Future Fight Fantastic Four Arrival!

After previously the X-Men were present at Marvel Future Fight, Netmarble Corp. as publisher just announced the presence of the Fantastic Four in this game.

Four character which joined in Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), Invisible Woman (Susan Richards), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and The Thing (Ben Grimm), is playable characters. Not only the four main characters of the Fantastic Four, even their eternal enemy, Doctor Doom, was also present at the event updates this time.

Updates the other is the new Epic Quest that focuses on Mister Fantastic, where you will immediately get the Mister Fantastic character after starting the Epic Quest and will get additional powers every time you complete the Epic Quest.

In addition, there is also the addition of a new Hero Rank board where you can see the list of the most popular characters, world boss rank, Comic Cards, and the new Card Collection.

You can download Marvel Future Fight right now for free!

App Stores: MARVEL Future Fight, Free

Google Play: MARVEL Future Fight, Free