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Luminescent Spine Genshin Impact, Here's How To Get It

Luminescent Spine Genshin Impact is the part of a firefly that emits light. They can be found both floating around at night and by hitting the bushes at night.

In this article we will share how to get it. Listen to the end!

How to Get Luminescent Spine Genshin Impact

To get the Luminescent Spine, you have to go to Liyue territory at night. There you will see fireflies floating in nature.

Start hitting the bushes to make them lay eggs. Remember, you can only collect them at night.

The best location to get the Luminescent Spine is on the Cuijue Slope or Cuijue Slope in Liyue. Even though they weren’t standing there, but the slope was the central focal point with the Luminescent Spine all around.

The most profitable route to take, starting from the fast-travel waypoint on the Luminescent Spine, and right to the southwest is where the Luminescent Spine gathers.

From there, teleport to a point southwest of the Luminescent Spine, and to the west when you spawn there should be a Luminescent Spine to collect.

Then head northeast, through the canyon, and you’ll find more. If you want to go faster, teleport to the waypoint to the northeast, which is above the Cuijue Slope.

Then continue north, and you’ll find another collection of Luminescent Spine.

Other Locations