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Love Jumping and Overcoming Obstacles? Try These 5 Best Platformer Games on Steam

Platformers is one of the genre quite an old game. Popularized by game classic like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, platform has a fairly simple characteristic. You have to get past obstacles with moves like jumping or climbing.

Along with the times, platformer start to be combined with various genre other. But that doesn’t change the fact that you still have to be good at moving your character to get past the obstacles and advance to the next level.

Here are five games platformer the best you can get on Steam.

1. Limbo

Let’s start from the game puzzle-platformer which was released in 2011. In Limbo, you will play as a child through various regions in search of someone. Everything you go through will kill you, and your job is to figure out how to get past each obstacle without getting killed.

actually Limbo is a game puzzle where you have to solve puzzles. But each solution requires you to make moves such as jumping or being in the right position. A little late will end in death and you have to repeat puzzle it from the start.

Another reason Limbo is so famous is the atmosphere it provides. You are in a dark world, not only in terms of color but also what is around it. Without the music, the environmental sounds in the game also make every step you take feel scary and make you uncomfortable.

Download Limbo on Steam – Rp89.999

2. Ori And The Blind Forest

Ori And The Blind Forest is metroidvania platformer. This means that along the way, you will receive various power-ups to help you through each new obstacle.

Element metroidvania this is what makes Ori And The Blind Forest interesting. The further your adventure, the more difficult the challenges you will face. This means that you have to think creatively using your power to overcome all obstacles.

Not only that, when you first play, you will realize that Ori And The Blind Forest is clearly very beautiful. This makes your journey to restore the balance of nature even more evocative. Not to mention the Ori character that you play is also very funny.

Download Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition on Steam – Rp136,800

3. Hollow Knight

Because together metroidvana platformer, Hollow Knight often compared to its predecessor Ori And The Blind Forest. Even though I have genre At the same time, the two games have quite a striking difference.

The first and most obvious difference in terms of graphics. Apart from using art style 2D, Hollow Knight also have much darker colors and shades and give off a mysterious aura. This is a far cry from the bright and colorful Ori And The Blind Forest.

The second difference is in the mechanics gameplay. Hollow Knight really prioritize mechanics combat or a fight, whether it’s with a common enemy or a boss. Even some obstacles platforming the gimini must also be passed with mechanics combat.

Download Hollow Knight on Steam – Rp115.999

4. Celeste

In Celeste, you have to help Madeline climb the top of Celeste’s mountain through seven levels. Each level is broken up into dozens of rooms with different obstacles, and your job is to jump, climb walls, and dash to get through it.

Each level also has mechanics as well items each unique. This makes the experience of playing at each level always different and challenges you to learn new maneuvers.

As simple as it sounds, each level in the game is incredibly difficult, and you’re guaranteed to die hundreds or even thousands of times. Don’t worry, because when you die you’ll be back in the same room in an instant and try again. Besides that, pixel art and the music that accompanies you also keeps your efforts from being boring or annoying.

Download Celeste on Steam – Rp135.999

5. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a game action platformer combined with elements metroidvania and rogue-lite. From having only one weapon, your character will get stronger as you go upgrade and new weapons you find. It’s just that once you die you have to start over, without all upgrade that you have collected.

Because one death means starting over again, gameplay Dead Cells demands precision and speed. As you keep moving past the obstacles, you have to beat your opponent as fast as you can and accept damage minimal. Fortunately, the game provides many options upgrade according to your playing style.

With the map arrangement that changes every time you play, Dead Cells always provides a different experience even if you play it many times.

Download Dead Cells on Steam – Rp149,999

Of the five games above, which one have you played? What other platformer games do you like that weren’t on the list above? Give your recommendations in the comments column below.