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Location of Purple Creature Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has revealed the photo subjects needed for the sixth day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event. This time we will show you the location of Purple Creature Genshin Impact.

The Five Flushes of Fortune event itself requires ten Purple Creature photos to complete one of the five color cards. After collecting all five colors, players can exchange them for a Fortune Trove, which rewards primogems, mystic enhancement ores, and mora.

Location of Purple Creature Genshin Impact

The following are locations where you can finish the Five Flushes of Fortune event quickly, including Electro slime.

Location of Purple Creature Genshin Impact

After reaching the location marked above on the map, the player will find a yellow giant Electro slime.

As they approached the giant electro slime, it spawned six purple Electro slimes that could be photographed from a safe distance. This is the most approachable location to get six photos at once.


To take photos of the Purple Creature remaining in Genshin Impact, players can teleport to Luhua Pool and reach the locations marked above.

Upon reaching the marker, three Electro slimes will appear, attacking the player. Players can easily take photos of the slime from a safe distance.

For the last remaining photo, players can teleport to the enemy boss, “Electro Hypostasis”, visible on the map in Mondstadt. Players can capture the same image without entering the arena or fishing for it.

Alternative Location

Another Purple Creature that qualifies as a photo subject in the Five Flushes of Fortune event is the mage Electro Cicin. The location above is where players can find Electro Cicin Mage in Genshin Impact.

3rd location

After collecting ten photos and making use of the ten films allocated for the day, players can teleport to Liyue Harbor to find Ji Tong and exchange a set of photos for the Fortune Trove, and get 60 primogems and other rewards.

In addition to the Electro Cicin Mage, there are other creatures that meet the requirements, namely:

  • Electromagnetic fool Mages
  • Fatui Electro Mage Dragonflies (but only once)
  • Electro Hilichurl Archers
  • Electro Slimes (although some are yellow)
  • Electromagnetic Fatui Guards

Well, that’s the location of Purlpe Creature Genshin Impact. Hopefully it can help you finish the Five Flushes of Fortune event on time.