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Location of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Genshin Impact

Players can find the location of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Genshin Impact in this guide. There are at least seven fishing spots to look for these fish.

Genshin Impact players can catch Pufferfish if they use Fake Fly Bait. You can exchange three Medaka for Nantuck for the Fake Fly Bait formula.

You can also use 1x Sakura Bloom and 1x Horsetail to get 10x Fake Fly Bait at once.

Pufferfish are available throughout the day, so Genshin Impact players don’t have to wait a certain hour to find them.

Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Locations Genshin Impact – Mondstadt Fishing Spot

Cider Lake

The fishing spot just south of Mondstadt can spawn some Pufferfish. Seven fish may appear here, players may not see the Puffer Fish at first.

This location is the same place where players learn how to fish in the Exploding Population quest. Use the Teleport Waypoint on the north side of Springvale and head northwest to this location.

West of Dawn Winery

Location of Pufferfish and Butter Pufferfish Genshin Impact

West of the Dawn Winery is a small, unnamed island. There’s a Teleport Waypoint just north of it. Go to the island, and there should be a fishing location on the northeast side.

At least seven fish can spawn here, with some only laying eggs during the day and others at night.

Location of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Genshin Impact – Liyue Fishing Spot