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Location of Echoing Conches Genshin Impact Part 2

Location of Echoing Conches Genshin Impact Part 2 – A new land has emerged from the sea during the second part of the Midsummer Island adventure.

There are at least 15 new Enchoing Chonces that can be obtained from the new lands that appear. They are found on the old island which is now higher and the new island available. Here’s the guide.

Location of Echoing Conches Genshin Impact#6 Chapter IV – Stoic Bloom found on the central platform island where you found the mask of the king of Dodo.

From the platform moving north up there is a small incline. The conch is next to the broken pillar on the floor.

Echoing Conch #7 Chapter IV – Homeland is the second shell you can pick up on the center platform with the Dodo king mask on.

You should now go to the south of the platform. Move towards the beach and you will see some brushes between the rocks. Look for objects in the ground between bushes and near rocks.

Echoing Conch #8 Chapter II – The Trapped is on the island east of the central platform island. Sail there and you’ll find a conch on a platform atop the island’s only hill.

Location of Echoing Conches Twining Isle Part 2

There were five new snails echoing because the occupancy had been raised on Twiining Isle.

Enchoing Conch #9 Chapter V is called Moon and Wind and is found next to a waypoint on Twinning Isle. From the waypoint slide down the cliff.

You have to slide into the cave hole on the side of the cliff. There was some furniture in the cave and the conch was in a wooden crate.