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Location of Echoing Conch (Echoing Conch) Genshin Impact Day One

Location of Echoing Conch (Conch Flashback) Genshin Impact – Echoing Conches are an integral part of the new Echoing Tales event in Genshin. Every day, players are required to find Conches or conch and listen to what they have to say.

To help you complete this event, here’s a guide to the Enchoing Chonch location map or a flashback of the conch at Genshin Impact.

Day 1 Echoing Conches Genshin Impact Location Map

Enchoing Conch #1 Chapter VII Nobody Returns to Broken Isle. You have to go north. There is one of the three rocks that make up the broken isle.

To get there, you can teleport to the west island then summon Warevinder and sail to your destination.

North of the rock, there is a small shelf under the very top. That’s where Conch is.

Location of Echoing Conch #2 Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy Twinning-Isle. The first Genshin Impact Echoing Conch is on Twinning Isle and is located in the north of the island.

Go to the teleportation waypoint, then head east from there. Go down to the stone shelf that has a large tree growing on it. You’ll find a conch among some planks and other debris.

Echoing Conch #3 Chapter I One River Flows in the Middle of Twinning Isle – Go to the southeast of the Isle island. There, you’ll find a small cauldron, and what looks like the ruins of a house behind it.

The conch will be in the ruins. However, you will need to repel some Hilichurls, so be careful.

Echoing Conch #4 Chapter VII Pudding Isle’s Experiment Price – To find this Genshin Impact Echoing Conch, head to the teleport waypoint on Pudding Isle.

Look east, there you will see a broken house. The conch was right behind him. Hidden from view by a box.

Echoing Conch #5 Chapter IV General Pudding Isle – From the Pudding Isle teleport point, simply go southwest.

You can easily jump and fly to the second island that makes up Pudding Isle. The conch is out in the open, on a rock. Very easy to find.

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