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Location of Crimson Agate Genshin Impact

Crimson Agate is a crystal type adventure item that can be found by exploring the Dragonspine area. This article will discuss the location of Crimson Agate Genshin Impact. You could say almost all of the locations are difficult to reach because of the Sheer Cold status effect that you will get when exploring Dragonspine.

You can exchange this item at the Frostbearing Tree for free weapon diagrams, gadgets, glider wings, and wishes. To help you, here are the Crimson Agate locations and the fastest route you can take.

Location of Crimson Agate Genshin Impact

There are 80 Crimson Agates scattered in the Dragonspine area and you can easily see them on the mini-map once you get close to them. However, not all of them appear in the mini-map and require you to complete a puzzle or task.

Some are hidden in chests. Don’t worry because we will provide the guide.

1. Snow-Covered Path

Location of Crimson Agate Genshin Impact

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  • The location of the first Crimson Agate is next to the Frostbearing tree when you activate it.
  • On the tree, next to the stone gate
  • On the top of a small mountain
  • Turn right from the last Crimson Agate location and slide to the next location
  • Clear the mobs in this area to access the chest hidden in the hut

2. Etombed City – Ancient Palace

  • Floating in the air in a circle near the Statue of Seven
  • You must defeat the floating mechanism to activate the mechanism and drain the pool where the chest is.
  • Start from the Seven Statues into the cave. Turn right and destroy rocks blocking the road or enter through the side of the mountain

3. Location of Crimson Agate Genshin Impact – Wyrmrest Valley

  • On the mountain to the northeast of the teleporter
  • North of the last one, take the Scarlet Quartz first then break the ice.
  • To the north of the teleporter. You can slide there
  • Teleport back to the eastern waypoint of Wyrmrest Valley and glide northwest to collect the Crimson Agate on the dragon bone
  • continue sliding northwest and you’ll find the next Crimson Agate between the gaps
  • Teleport to the northern waypoint of Wyrmrest Valley and head northeast. Collect 3 wind seeds to generate wind currents.
  • From the same waypoint, head to the nearest plateau and glide to this location or collect wind seeds to reach the Crimson Agate location
  • Defeat 3 Fatuis to unseal the treasure chest.

4. Entombed City – Outskirts (North)

  • Take the Scarlet Quartz then climb the mountain northwest of the teleporter where the frozen Crimson Agate is
  • Hover over the teleporter. Just continue climbing from the last one then slide down there
  • You have to solve the puzzles here to get the Treasure Chest and gain access to the bottom of this area
  • Floating on the edge of the ice after solving puzzles
  • In the chest reward after solving the puzzle located in the west of the arena
  • Bring your best team here and beat the time trial to open chests
  • Floating above the trees
  • Defeat Hilichurl here to open the chest
  • Defeat Frostarm Lawachurl to spawn a valuable chest.

5. Entombed City – Outskirts (East)

  • Activate 4 Cryo Monuments to drain the pool where the Crimson Agate is hidden behind debris.
  • In a cage. Use Scarlet Quartz to break the ice with hidden mechanics to get it
  • on the mountain
  • Slide down and defeat Fatui members to open precious chests
  • Beat time-tested windsurfing challenges to earn valuable chests
  • Located north of the time trial challenge
  • Defeat Frostarm Lawachurl to generate Luxury chests
  • Floating between two icy Hilichurls.
  • on the mountain

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