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Let's Play While Enjoying Music in These 5 Android Rhythmic Games

The rhythmic game is genre pretty simple game. You usually have to press the screen according to the rhythm of the song being played. If you make a mistake, the game is over or you will get an unsatisfactory score.

Due to its simple general rules, the appeal of this game usually lies in three things. The first isgameplay what is different, second is the song collection and sound quality, then third is the high difficulty level for those who are enthusiastic about genre this game. Unfortunately, Google Play is flooded with various rhythmic games that are similar to each other.

Therefore, this time we will recommend five rhythmic games that you should try on Android. Each one gives gameplay different at the same time being the best in genre this.

Piano Tiles 2

Let’s start from the simplest and the most cloned, namely Piano Tiles 2. Created by Cheetah Games, this game is the sequel to Don’t Tap The White Tiles Who has gameplay similar.

In Piano Tiles 2, you have to tap on the black block that keeps going down to the bottom of the screen. If you hit anything other than the black block, hit not the bottom block, or miss the black block, you lose.

In each game you only have to pay attention to four columns. Then because the block size is quite large, the only thing that will overwhelm you is the speed of each block that goes down, you can still adjust that too.

Even though I have gameplay simple one, Piano Tiles 2 has a variety of content that will not make you bored. In addition to classical piano songs, there are many modern songs that you can play. There are also various game modes that you can try. Then if you want to show off, you can also compare your score with your friends or other players.

Download Piano Tiles 2 on Google Play – Free


Cytus was the first rhythmic game to elevate Rayark’s popularity. One of the reasons is obviously because gameplay unique and very challenging.

Cytus Gameplay completely out of the trend of rhythmic games. In this game, each note will form a circle and one by one will appear in various places on the screen. The horizontal line that used to stay in one place is now moving up and down like a scanner.

You have to hit each note just as it is perfectly formed and touches the line. This may be simple if there are only two or three notes at a time. But in some songs, you will get overwhelmed when there are so many notes playing at the same time.

Gameplay unique is what makes Cytus very challenging. You have to really pay attention to when each note is formed and to be pressed.

Although there is, the story inside Cytus not very prominent and only shown through a few cut-scene in some songs. But that is covered with a large selection of songs that you can choose from.

You can download Cytus for free on Android, but with limitations in the form of: cooldown when you want to play the next song. To let go cooldown this you can buy version full as well as unlock new songs via in-app purchases.

Cytus also has a sequel, Cytus 2. Unlike the first version which can be played for free, Cytus 2 must be purchased for Rp. 26.000,-.

Download Cytus on Google Play – Free
Download Cytus 2 on Google Play – Rp26.000


Compared to Cytus, Rayark’s second rhythmic game has gameplay which is easier to understand. But that doesn’t make demo be an easy game or worse.

In demo, you have to press the note that drops from the top just as it hits a line at the bottom of the screen. But unlike regular rhythmic games, the position of each falling note is not limited by a particular column or line.

The majority of songs you can play on demo is a song with the piano as the main instrumental. You can also open other song packs to get variations.

Unlike Cytus, demo has a story about a girl named Alice and a black character named Deemo in a mysterious world. To return Alice to her world, you must raise a giant tree by playing a song.

demo you can play for free. It’s just that your progress is a little limited. If you don’t like waiting, you can do in-app purchases and play to your heart’s content.

Download Deemo on Google Play – Free


Voez is the third and newest rhythm game from Rayark. While the previous two games had dark shades and colors, Voez looks very bright and colorful.

Voez Gameplay also has its own characteristics and challenges. You still have to press, drag, and hold the notes that come down from above following a vertical line. It’s just that this line never stays in one place.

Together with the music, the play area Voez always changing. Not only will the line where the note drops move, the background color next to the line will also change. This makes you as a player must always pay attention to every movement, because the notes can drop along with the movement of the line.

Voez also has stories about school children and their daily lives ahead of the summer holidays. This story is told in text form diary along with very beautiful pictures.

Just like Deemo, you can get Voez for free. But to get more songs, you have to buy them with in-game currency which you can earn by developing stories in the game or buying them with money.

Download Voez on Google Play – Free

Dancing Line

The final game on this list is once again from Cheetah Games. After many people imitated their piano playing, this developer decided to create a rhythmic game with gameplay different.

In Dancing Line, you don’t play with notes at all. Your task is to guide a zig zag moving line without hitting walls or falling out of the game area. The method? Enough tap to the rhythm of the accompanying song.

The game provides a unique experience of its own, but not confusing. Not only that, the majority in this game are popular songs that you often hear. So you can follow the rhythm of the music more easily.

Download Dancing Line on Google Play – Free

Those are five rhythmic games that you can download on Android. Which one do you think you have gameplay and the most challenging difficulty level?