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Latest Update Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.56, What's Up?

Mobile Legends has just updated the Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.56 on the advance server. There are many changes that are presented, one of which is a new hero named Floo.

As usual, Moonton also buffs and nerfs a number of Mobile Legends heroes. Which heroes get buffs and nerfs and what new features are embedded in the patch note update this time? the following in full.

New Hero in the Latest Mobile Legends Patch Update, Gloo – The Forest Goo

new hero mlbb gloo

Gloo the Forest Goo, is not yet available for purchase, but a free trial will be offered for a limited time on the advanced server.

This hero has actually been around some time ago but his name is not Gloo but Daktec. Moonton then changed the name to Gloo. This hero is a tank type with a monster form.

The plan is that this hero will be available on the original server in April 2022, after the arrival of Yve and Beatrix. For his skills, Gloo is equipped with the ability to attack opponents easily thanks to his magic damage.

Gloo’s Hero Skills

Passive Skills – Stick, Stick:

Every time you are hit by the Gloo skill, the enemy will get a sticky stact with a reduced movement speed of up to 10 points. When hit by sticky with basic attacks, Gloo can restore HP.

Skill 1 – Slam, Slam:

Gloo will deal damage to the enemy and leave Goo, then it will explode and hit the enemy. This hero can also make Goo explode as soon as he touches it.

Skill 2 – Pass, Pass:

Gloo stretches his body to do damage and Immobilize effect. If this skill hits Goo, then Gloo will attack and drag the enemy in its path.

Ultimate Skills – Split, Split:

Gloo’s ultimate skill has two mechanisms. First, it allows him to create clones, then attacks and deals bassic attacks to the opponent.

Second, Gloo can attack by sticking to the enemy then dealing deadly damage.

Hero Buff and Nerf in the Latest Update Patch Note Mobile Legends 1.5.56

In addition to new heroes, as usual, Moonton provides buffs and nerfs to a number of heroes to make the game more balanced. Here’s the complete list of heroes.

Hero Buff

Hero Buff and Nerf in Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.56

1. Beatrix

The first hero to get buffed in the upcoming MLBB patch is Beatrix. It can be seen in the basic attack and weapon optimization:


Beatrix’s skill could no longer have Spell Vamp. In exchange, he will get Physical Lifesteal.

Nibiru – Basic Attack

Attack Speed ​​drops when using nibiru weapons

Renner – Ultimate(↑)

Base Damage: 600-1000 → 650-1050

Reduces fan-shaped firing range and weapon wobble for increased accuracy.

Bennett – Ultimate (↑):

Basic Damage: 450-690 → 480-720

Wesker – Ultimate (↑):

Basic Damage: 280-420 → 300-440

Nibiru – Ultimate (↑):

Basic Damage: 225-315 → 240-330

Special skills

The special skill button moved near the recall button

2. Argus

The hero who gets another buff is Argus. He gets buffs on his basic and ultimate attacks.

Passive (↑):

Damage from first 2 attacks: 60% physical attack 100% physical attack Fixed a bug where increased basic damage on Turreta would heal Argus.


Cooldown: 80 – 60 seconds > 70 -50 seconds.

3. Bane

A hero who is rarely glimpsed, Bane also gets a buff on the physical skill side. He also gets an increase in magic skills so he can easily do farming when entering the early game.

Skill 2

HP Regen 8% → 10% of lost HP Magic

Power Bonus: 240% → 200%

BaseDamage: 150-350 → 180-380

4. Barats

Barats get a buff by increasing their damage ability.


Max HP Bonus from Basic Attack increased: 2% > 3%

Skill 1

Max HP Bonus from attack damage: 6% → 7%

5. Dyrroth

Dyrroth will enter the meta ranks and get a buff in his passive skill.


HP Regen basic attack increased: 40% damage > 50 + 40% damage.

6. Wanwan

Previously, this hero got a fairly large net, in this latest ML patch note update Wanwan gets a buff with skill 1 and her ultimate.

Skill 1

Base Damage: 60 -120 > 100 – 200


Players can see more buff icons

6. Dyrroth

The Son of Darkness is starting to have a hard time adjusting to the current version, so Moonton has slightly increased the early stage regen ability.

Passive (↑):

HP Regen from Basic Attack increased: 40% damage dealt = 50 + 40% damage dealt

7. Yi Sun-shin

Passive (↑):

First Basic Attack Damage after upgrade: 110-200% → 120-200%

Second Basic Attack Damage after upgrade: 55-70% → 60-75%

8. Popol and Kupa

This hero gets a buff on his ultimate ability.


After capturing the target, the trap will give a vision effect

9. Alpha

Alpha also gets a buff on cooldown which makes it faster among other heroes.


Cooldown: 20 – 12 seconds > 16 – 10 seconds.

10. Benedetta

Slightly increases its damage, to compensate for the decreased flexibility.

Ultimates (↑):

Base damage : 100-140 → 120-160

The Hero Who Gets Nerf in the Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.56

Silvanna MLBB

1. Silvanna

The second nerf given by Moonton to Silvana made this hero eliminated from the META hero ranks.


Basic Magic Power Bonus: 75% > 60%

2. Esmeralda

Just like Silvanna, Esmeralda also seems to be kicked out of the META hero for getting a nerf.


Immobilization: 1.2 sec > 1 sec.

Well, that’s some information about the Mobile Legends 1.5.56 patch update that has been released on the Advance Server. The plan, this update will be released on the original server in early March. We are waiting for an official announcement from Moonton regarding the exact date.