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Late Shift Review : Enjoying the Game from a Film Narrative

What’s so great about a game? Why are there so many people playing games all the time? The answers can vary from storylines, gameplay, or graphics. But the obvious answer is the interaction between the game and its players.

While playing the game, you can define your own actions from a predefined storyline. In essence, you are directly involved in all the decision making of the game.

You see, is it the same with books or movies? Not completely, although games are included in the same entertainment medium as books and movies, but there are fundamental differences between the three.

Terence Leea developer from Hitbox Team once wrote in his blog that the most important thing about a narrative in a game is not in the storyline but in how it is delivered (story telling). It explains how a story in a book, film, and game affect its users.

The book builds one dimension towards the user where the author will always use words to convey his ideas such as the use of descriptive language to describe the senses, the use of dialogue to represent characters, and the use of word structures in sentences, paragraphs, and chapters to develop the storyline.ideas over time).

Movies build two dimensions on users just like books with the addition of a new dimension, namely the use of senses such as audio-visual experiences to express expressions, conversations between characters shown by body language, voice, and cinematography.sensory experience).

Meanwhile, the game builds three dimensions on the user just like a movie with the addition of a new dimension, namely interactive where the user can do something in it to feel the experience based on his own motivation and different emotions (interactivity).

Story telling is the main key in designing a story in the game. Just look at how games made by Dontnod Entertainment look like Life is Strange and Telltale Games like The Walking Dead success gives emotional attachment to its players.

Then, what if the element story telling is this directly obtained from movies and games? Is the experience of playing in enjoying story telling was it going to be doubled? You can find the answer in a game called Late Shift.

Late Shift provide a breath of fresh air to the game developed by emphasizing the elements narrative games. Looks a bit like Telltale-style games like Minecraft Story Mode which emphasizes the elements decision and player choice-driven.

However, Late Shift directed by Tobias Weber and released by CtrlMovie is a little different and the opposite because story tellingwas presented as a movie with live action cutscene. Simply put, it is a film with game elements where the player can make choices.

Interestingly, the movie will not stop when the selection is displayed so you have to select it quickly. All user interactions depend on choices that will affect the storyline and ending different ones.

You are an actor as well as a director at Late Shift this.

The plot itself tells about the protagonist named Matt, a student who works as a parking attendant. One night, Matt becomes involved in the criminal underbelly of London when he is forced to work with a group of armed robbers to carry out the theft of a historic artifact from mainland China.

The robbery went smoothly. Unfortunately, the car they were traveling in had an accident that killed everyone except Matt and a woman named May-Ling. Unfortunately again, the artifacts they stole were fake and now their lives are being chased by the Chinese mafia syndicate, the official owner of the artifacts.

Your task is to rediscover those artifacts where every action and decision you take affects the storyline and ending from the lives of Matt and May-Ling itself. You can save both of them or even kill them.

Late Shift this is full motion video with crime thriller genre which has 180 options with seven ending different ones. Options will appear under certain conditions and you must answer them without repetition. Are you brave enough to run away from the robber? Or do you dare to lie to sacrifice your life to avoid the next crime?

The only drawback of this game is that it is too short in duration. To get ending first, it only takes about 1 hour. The total time with the seven endings is 4 hours because there are several ending that can be obtained from a single storyline.

Too bad, interesting storyline and way of delivery story telling with game elements like Late Shift It can’t be played for a long time.

Enjoy playing Late Shift like watching a movie crime thriller where players are given the freedom to determine their own storyline. That is, the longer you play and interact in it, the more you will feel at home because the plot provided is also very interesting to continue to follow.