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Labo, "Cardboard" for Nintendo Switch Used as a Study Tool by Nintendo

Labo, a “cardboard” accessory released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, was considered cynical by Nintendo Switch users.

Switch users argue that Labo has a material that is prone to damage because it is made of cardboard.

Actually, these accessories for Switch tend to be unique and interesting, due to their complex nature but challenging enough to be able to assemble and immediately play with the Switch.

Some examples such as Labo in the form of a fishing rod, Labo piano, RC Robot (remote control), and so forth.

Although Switch users tend to be pessimistic about Labo, Nintendo hasn’t given up. Nintendo tried to direct Labo to a more specialized market, namely towards education, especially elementary school.

Reported from TechcrunchNintendo plans to provide Labo Kits to more than 2,000 Elementary-level students, ranging in age from 8 to 11.

This plan will be assisted by one of the non-commercial institutions in New York, United States named Institute of Play. This program will start from the education area Institute of Play first, especially the backyard of the institute which is often used as a place to play while learning.\

This program is targeted at schools in the New York area. Institute of Play not only helping to distribute Labo, but also helping to create a suitable curriculum to syllabus, in using Labo to the existing learning system.

The plan is that after this program is successful in New York City, it will be forwarded to other cities in the United States.

Yes, hopefully this program will also apply to other countries, such as Indonesia, which really needs a learning program like this. At least people will see that games are very suitable to be used as a learning system in Indonesia.