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Kingdom Hearts III, Genesis Alpha One, 8-Bit Hordes

Welcome back to the “7 Newest Games of the Week” section. This time Gimbot will provide a list of the latest games that will be released this week!

The list starts from Kingdom Hearts III who will guide Sora to find the seven Guardians of Light and stop Master Xehanort’s plans, Genesis Alpha one challenging survival in space, and 8-Bit Hordes which brings the 8bit style royal war.

So, what are the new games this week that will be released? Here’s the review.

1. Kingdom Hearts III

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One | Release: January 29, 2022

No gamer in this world has ever played the series Kingdom Hearts don’t want to play the sequel. After a long wait, finally this week you can play Kingdom Hearts III.

You can see many Disney characters involved such as Frozen, Toy Story, and Donald Duck. Continuing the previous story, you will guide Sora to find the seven Guardians of Light and stop Master Xehanort’s plans.

The game features a new world based on character properties from Disney and includes the final chapter of the “Dark Seeker” story.

2. PlanetSide Arena

Platforms: PC| Release: January 29, 2022

For you game lovers shooterdon’t miss this one game. PlanetSide Arena is a game online battle with features massive multiplayer sci-fi arena shooter. There are three classes, namely: engineer, medicand assault which can be played.

Interestingly, there are many modes in this game such as battle royale which allows multiple players to fight each other in large numbers, capture the flag which challenges teams to fight over territory by taking flags, and more.

3. Genesis Alpha One

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release: January 29, 2022

Love challenges and play games sci-fi that blends roguelike, first-person shooter, base buildingand survival? You can try to play Genesis Alpha One.

The story is that the world is suffering from overexploitation of resources and poor pollution levels. Coupled with a corrupt regime and uncontrolled corporate domination, the future of humanity is threatened.

Some of the world’s remaining influential corporations and governments teamed up to start the Genesis program. You will play the captain of a starship tasked with finding a new home for mankind. Be careful because you will also be dealing with aliens.

4. Mages of Mystralia

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Release: January 29, 2022

Mages of Mystralia finally available on Nintendo Switch. This game brings action-adventure which was developed by Borealys Games and released in 2022. The storyline tells of Zia in the land of Mystralia, a witch who has just discovered her power.

After exile from his village due to his power causing chaos, he went to mage sanctuary to improve their skills. Zia was eventually assigned to prevent a war between the troll army and the Kingdom of Mystralia.

5. Necrosphere Deluxe

Platforms: PS4, PS Vita, Switch, Xbox One | Release: January 31, 2022

This week is also available Necrosphere Deluxegame platformer with style Metroidvania 2D which takes you to hell through levels designed to be extremely impossible to pass.

You will only use two buttons to control the character, Terry Cooper. Well, version deluxeitself provides improvements in terms of graphics and additional languages.

6. 8-Bit Hordes

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release: February 1, 2022

8-Bit Hordes is a game that brings real-time strategy developed by Petroglyph Games. This game will bring you back nostalgia with the classic 90s RTS games.

There are features singleplayer campaign to fight with AI and multiplayer to fight with other players. Just imagine how Minecraft and Warcraft combined into one game.

7. Song of Memories

Platforms: PC, PS4 | Release: February 1, 2022

Who likes watching anime? Now, Song of Memories you can choose to accompany weekend. This game tells the story of a mysterious disease that is conveyed in the form of a visual novel.

Your job is to prevent the virus from getting close to those closest to you. One of the game’s plus points is how story delivered to the accompaniment of Japanese anime music which is very pleasant to hear.

Those are the seven games you can play this week. Write your opinion, which game are you looking forward to the most in the comments!