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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sells Better Than RE2 in Japan? Here are 3 Reasons!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is becoming a prima donna in Japan. In fact, this game managed to beat another game, namely Resident Evil 2 Remake which was also released on the same date.

Kingdom Hearts 3 managed to achieve sales of around 600 thousand more copies in the first week, while Resident Evil 2 Remake only achieved sales of around 250 thousand more copies in the first week.

Of course, there are various factors that caused Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) to beat Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R) in a significant amount in Japan. What do you think the reason is? This reason is based on the content offered from both games, let’s get straight to it check!

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1. Age Rating

There is a CERO:A sign on the official Kingdom Hearts website

If seen from rating age, KH3 has rating wider lifespan than RE2R. KH3 in CERO, which is the organization that regulates rating age in various games gives rating “A”, which means all ages can play it.

Unlike the RE2R given rating by CERO D which is intended for ages 17 and over. Even RE2R in Japan has a Z version of which this version has content gore exactly the same as the original which is intended for adults (18 years and over).

Logically, this narrows the market gamer RE2R itself. Elementary to junior high school children who have a hobby of playing video games, are not the RE2R market while KH3 can still get the children’s market.

2. Sensor

Although Japan does not provide definite censorship of content that leads to lewdness, Japan actually censors strictly for content that is sexually suggestive. gore.

This is evidenced by the existence of two versions of the RE2R in Japan, namely the standard version and the Z version which is claimed to be an uncensored version. Previously Resident Evil 7 was also given the same behavior in Japan, namely there were two versions, the standard version and the uncensored version.

Unfortunately for Resident Evil 7 the uncensored version, apparently it doesn’t display content gore as sadistic as the version released in western countries. Though content gore this also becomes value main features offered in the Resident Evil game.

3. Same Story vs New Story

If you buy RE2R, of course you will get a new experience in playing the Resident Evil series. Unfortunately not with the story, because RE2R has the exact same storyline as the previous Resident Evil 2. Although there are indeed some differences, they do not change the essence of the core story.

Unlike if you buy KH3, then you will get a new storyline and features gameplay what’s new in the game. This factor could be one of the reasons why KH3 sells better than RE2R in Japan.

So those are 3 reasons why Kingdom Hearts 3 sells better in Japan than Resident Evil 2 Remake. Do you have any other opinion on this? Come on share!