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Kenta VS Chrono, Who's Superior ?

 Currently there are 2 Free Fire characters who have shield skills, namely Kenta and Chrono . Because these two characters have the same skill character, the question arises, who is superior? Although it sounds simple but questions like this often arise.

This is very influential on the popularity of the character because most players will definitely choose a character that is superior. So to see who is superior, we have to compare these characters from several points. Curious who is superior to Kenta vs. Chrono? Read on!

Kenta VS Chrono

1. Area Shield

For the protection area, Shiel Chrono is superior because it has a large area and covers the entire side which has a dome-like shape. While Kenta only protects one side almost the same as a wall in general. So Kenta will have more range to attack from behind or from the side.

2. Shield Effect

Kenta's skill doesn't block all the opponent's damage but only reduces 50% damage which means your character will also take damage even if it's small. It is very different from Chrono which is able to eliminate all enemy damage and make Chrono very popular.

3. Cooldown Skill

In terms of cooldown Chrono is also superior because the cooldown is only 120 seconds with a skill duration of 6 seconds. While Kanta has a cooldown of 160 seconds with a duration of 5 seconds. This cooldown difference is very influential because the lower the cooldown, the more often the skill can be used.

If we look at the 3 comparisons above, it is clear that the Chrono is superior, but it all depends on the pilot. Each player has their own comfort and style, so they can maximize the use of their character's skills.

So that's the comparison of Kenta vs Chrono's skills , who do you think is superior? Write your opinion! Don't forget to keep visiting Gamedaim so you get other interesting info.