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Just like MOBA, these are 4 types of attack distance in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a MOBA type game released by Supercell. You definitely understand that the games released by Supercell tend to be casual, so you certainly won’t get features as complex as Mobile Legends here.

Even so, this Brawl Stars type MOBA still has an attack type for each character called Brawler. What do you think? role that each Brawler plays? Let’s check!

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1. Short-Range Brawlers

As the name suggests, this Brawler has an attack type with a range that is not too far but also not so close, aka medium.

This Brawler also doesn’t have a large HP or a strong attack, but can give a barrage of attacks so that if you add up it will give damage which is quite large.

This type of Brawler is usually quite difficult to master because it must be able to produce attacks combo, before finally being defeated by the enemy. Examples of this type of Brawler are Colt, Richocet, and Crow.

3. Long-Range Brawlers

Now this Brawler type has a long range attack type and is very deadly. If the attack is enough to make you feel sick, it can even be killed quickly.

The biggest weakness of this Brawler type is that it is less effective against enemies at close range. Therefore, try when using this type of Brawler always take a distance.

Examples of this type of Brawler are Piper, Brock and so on.

4. Thrower Brawler

Yes, I just made up the name, but from the type of attack you will understand that this Brawler type has a thrown weapon.

This type of Brawler has its own advantages, namely that its attacks can go beyond walls that block or can penetrate walls. Yes, it’s all because the attack throws a bomb.

The biggest weakness of this type of Brawler is that it has very small HP and is very easy to defeat when fighting at close range. Moreover, this type of Brawler is very difficult to control for accuracy.

Examples of Brawler types that have this attack are Barley, Dynamike, and Spike.

So, those are the various types of Brawlers in Brawl Stars. Quite similar is not it with MOBA?

It’s just that in this Brawl Stars game, every role not always a contributor to victory, even in one team you use Brawler who has role same, you can still win.