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Jessie Brawl Stars Guide, The Genius Girl Who Can Make a Robot

Personally, Jessie is a very easy Brawler to use. In addition to his attacks that have a damage high, Jessie also has a very long attack range.

Jessie is a Brawler with the look of a girl dressed like a nerd. He was carrying a gun-like weapon that emitted an electric ball that gave damage the big one.

The super attack is being able to summon a robot that helps you shoot enemies. Unfortunately this robot does not have the ability to move places.

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Then how do you use Jessie to be good at it? Let’s just discuss below, check!

1. Important! Always Keep Your Distance

As mentioned above, Jessie is a ranged attack specialist. This genius girl has a very small HP even very easy to beat.

Avoid the grass unless you feel safe from a surprise attack from the enemy. The worst thing is when you meet a melee specialist enemy. Automatically you will be easily defeated.

2. One Shoot 2-3 Enemies Exceeded

Even though this genius girl is not like sniperhe has an attack that is quite unique and very different from other types of attacks from Brawlers.

Himself has an attack with projectiles like electric balls. This projectile has damage which is quite large, which is 800 damage at level 1. What makes it unique is that this electric ball will search for the next victim automatically.

The most advantageous thing is when the enemy is gathering, then you can immediately defeat all enemies quickly. Even full bar for super attack will fill up soon.

3. Try to Position the Robot on the Grass

Jessie’s Super Attack is to summon a robot that helps you attack the enemy. The biggest weakness of this robot is that it can’t move.

The best position to place this robot is in the grass. Apart from being able to give surprise attackit is quite difficult the enemy will attack your robot so it can give longer and more attacks.

Use this robot to survive especially when you have got 10 gem and it happened cooldown for win. This robot will distract your enemies from chasing your team.

4. What If You Meet Jessie’s Enemy too?

So what’s an interesting challenge if you meet an enemy who uses Jessie too? It’s actually quite easy to beat the enemy.

The robot that Jessie put out is actually the biggest weakness as well. When the enemy takes out a robot, you can use it to attack the enemy.

How to? Yes, just shoot the robot, later the electric ball projectile will bounce towards other enemies. Remember, enemies can also do the same. Therefore, just be smart to install timings.