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Ipe Ghost Spirit Quest Guide Genshin Impact – Ipe Ghost Spirit Quest Guide (Ipe Ghost Spirit) Genshin Impact. Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact is haunted by the remaining spirits who have lingering wishes and players can complete their requests for rewards.

A total of 9 ghost illusions can interact with him and each has a hidden quest with various rewards. One of them is Ipe, once a fisherman in Tsurumi.

Ipe Ghost Spirit Hidden Quest (Ipe Ghost Spirit) Genshin Impact

Complete the Through the Mist quest series to get the Peculiar Pinion gadget in Genshin Impact. After the mist on Tsurumi fades, you can see the illusion of a ghost.

Ipe Ghost (Ipe Ghost Spirit) Genshin Impact

Find Ipe at the Chirai Shrine waypoint. Ipe is not visible at first glance. Instead, you have to complete certain tasks to attract them to appear voluntarily.