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How to Get the Kageuchi Amenoma Blueprint

Eventhough inazouma has been released since Genshin Impact 2.0, apparently there are still people who don't know how to get the Amenoma Kageuchi blueprint. Just for the record, Amenoma Kageuchi is one of the five crafting weapons in Inazuma.

Amenoma Kageuchi is a 4-star craftable sword that can provide energy particles to party members through her passive. This makes Elemental Burst's uptime faster.

How to Get the Kageuchi Amenoma Blueprint

Blueprint Amenoma Kageuchi Senjata Inazuma
Blueprint Senjata Inazuma

You can get Amenona Kageuchi's own blueprint by completing certain World Quests. Travelers can obtain it by completing the Farmer's Treasure quest . The conditions they must meet are:

  • Complete the Ritou Escape Plan quest
  • Complete the hidden exploration objective “Searching Saimon Jirou”

This is a quest to find a man who claims to be a treasure hunter and enlists the help of Travelers to find four stone tablets in exchange for it of course. The problem is, this NPC doesn't know the location of the tablet and leaves everything to the Traveler. Later, you can have the Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint

Location of All Stone Tablets

idori festival
Inazuma 3
  • First Stone Tablet

A stone that you can find in a well is located in Konda Village. This location is marked at the top of the map. However, this well is closed and you can open it after completing the "A Strange Story in Konda" quest . After that, jump into the well and you can see the stone tablet and the Luxurious Chest .

  • Second Stone Tablet

Teleport to Kamisato Estate and head to the beach to find Nobushi camp near the Waverider Waypoint. Players can find a stone tablet under one of the camps. You can choose to ignore Nobushi and run away after getting the Stone tablet.

  • The Third and Fourth Stone Tablets

The last two stone tablets are in the Araumi area. You can find these two tablets in the ruins of Araumi. You must complete the qiest "Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual" first. After that, there will be access to the Ruins.

Last Quest

After collecting all four tablets, return to Jinren Island and interact with Saimon Jirou. NPCs will try to escape by asking you to look for the fifth stone tablet which isn't there.

Go to the marked location and return to face Saimon Jirou, but Genshin Impact Traveler will find him with the bandits also behind the treasure. Defeat waves of enemies to finally get the Treasure key too.

Find the locked room to find an unimpressive treasure and head back to Konda village to interact with the village chief and Jirou to get the Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint.