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How to get 100 free Primogems from the Genshin Impact Anniversary Web Event

Genshin Impact has reached its first anniversary on September 28, 20221. To commemorate the day, players can watch their personal “theater” on the web event “An Unforgettable Journey”.

In it, Paimon and Traveler will take you on a nostalgic journey, bringing back memories and achievements from the past year.

The web event also provides several Primogems for players to collect. In total, there are 100 Primogems to be obtained.

Even though this gift seems very small for a birthday event, it’s better than nothing. The game has come a long way, and fans expect it to be even better in the future.

Genshin Impact Commemoration Web Event “Unforgettable Journey” gives away 100 free Primogems

Web Event An Unforgettable Journey or an Unforgettable Journey Give 100 Free Primogems

To get Primogems, players must follow their journey in the personal theater. After reaching arc IX, a Gold Chest will appear. Tap and you will get 40 free Primogems.


Furthermore, players can share their private theater link. clicking “paste” in the column above will yield 20 Primogems, even if no one clicks on the link.