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Hero Mage Midget Agile and Deadly!

Harith is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has a combined appearance between nations elf and cat.

Despite her cute and adorable appearance, however Mage heroes this one should not be taken lightly you know!

Harith is equipped with several skills that can make trouble for the enemy and in the hands of the right players, hero this will be very lively!

Well, on this occasion gimbot want to share guide Harith Mobile Legends, so that you get better at playing it! We will first discuss about skillsher first. Checkidot!

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Key Insight: This is skills passive from hero Harith which has a direct effect of reducing time controlled up to 70 percent based on quantity hero nearby enemies. Time Controlled what we mean is debuff as stun, slow, knocked upand other negative effects.

Synchro Fission: This is spam skills main that can produce damage AoE is quite large, which is 360 damage on level 1.

Chrono Dash: This skill has an effect blink. It’s cool when you use it skills this, Harith will get buff damage basic attack, shield absorptionand reduce cooldown 4 seconds from skills Chrono Dash.

Age of Force: Skills ultimate from Harith Mobile Legends This doubles the function of giving buff subtraction cooldown skills Chrono Dash for 4 seconds, while giving immobilize debuff for 1.2 seconds and slow 50 percent as long as this skill is active.

Harith Mobile Legends still considered as hero the OP (OverPower), How come? Hero it has damage skills capable enough, ability shield absorptionas well as high mobility, either during initiation or avoidance gank from the enemy.

However, don’t worry guys, hero this can still be killed or counter how come. Disadvantages of Harith Mobile Legends is very dependent on support in early game. Hero this can be said to be unable to be independent or very weak when solo lane facing the hero which has silence skills.

In addition to using hero this requires skill positioning which is good, because this Harith is Mage heroes which has a thin amount of HP and will be the main target of many enemies when clash or ganking.

Tips for Item Build and Battle Spell Harlith Mobile Legends

For early gameyou can immediately buy a Hunter Knife, because Harith needs farming to pursue first item before doing ganking or team fight.

You don’t always have to use build items which we informed above. This is just a reference and you can adjust it to your own playing style.

For battle spells you can use Retribution whose focus is on farming jungle or take buff. Alternatively, you can use Flicker to make Harith more slippery like an eel!

Counter Pick

Here is a list hero which you can easily fight with Harith:

  • Fanny
  • Karina
  • Alice
  • Gord
  • Natalia
  • Pharsa
  • Harley

Hero above is an example hero which Harith could easily beat, since they didn’t have too many skill disabler.

And you should avoid choosing Harith when the enemy team has a lot hero disabler as:

  • Saber
  • Martis
  • Helcurt
  • Akai
  • Chou
  • Kaja

Tips for Playing Harith Mobile Legends

Early Games

Moment early gameyou have to ask support for help to pick up buff junglebecause of the mana consumption of the skill of hero this is quite wasteful.

If you use battle spells Retribution, you can try to take buff gold (yellow) or better known as klomang, so you can get it soon first item.

Middle Game

Once you get the first item like the Calamity Reaper, you can prepare to do gank or team fight.

In this phase if there is no teamfight, then you can farming items second one is like Berserker Fury, which is really useful if hero your opponent doesn’t have burst damage.

Late Game

In this phase you should already have items like Immortality or Winter Truncheon, whose function is more guarding hero Harith Mobile Legends die instantly when clash.

Try to learn to take positioning as ambush, escapingor ganking. When team fight Use skills as effective as possible, because often the enemy will do pick hero disabler tocounter Harith.

That’s the guide hero Harith Mobile Legends which you can apply while playing. Have any suggestions or other better builds? Don’t hesitate to discuss via the comments column, OK!