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Guide to Completing Old Chou's Quest in The Chasm

 For Travelers who have played Genshin Impact v2.6, they must have explored The Chasm , a new area that has appeared in Liyue . Furthermore, The Chasm itself has a quest called Old Chou.

This is a minigame that involves a lot of strategy. To complete this quest , there are several things that a traveler should know . What are they? Let's see the following article to the end.

Guide Old Chou

Old Chou is an NPC that you can find southeast of Cinnabar Cliff. Travelers should know that the A Cliff-Side Hero's Past quest features the same minigame. The only difference is that they have to compete for Searching items.

Unfortunately, Travelers will not get achievements through these quests . Although they could talk to the NPC after completing that part of the quest to participate in the minigame.

Here are some rules you need to remember:

  • Digging for explosives ends the minigame.
  • Travelers will have to wait until the following Daily Reset to try again if they run out of opportunities.
  • An item unearthed by Traveler Genshin Impact shows where the explosive barrels are nearby.

Here are some tips on what Traveler digs into:

  • None = no explosive barrels in one of the adjacent boxes
  • Carrot or Cabbage = an explosive barrel in one of the adjacent boxes
  • Iron Ore = two explosive barrels in one of the adjacent squares
  • Box = four barrels of explosives in one of the adjacent boxes

Ideally, Traveler Genshin Impact would use an elimination process to determine where the explosive barrels are. If you see four of them around a hole, that's where the chest is.

Treasure Hunt

So as soon as Traveler talks to Old Chou to start the game, you'll see some patches of dirt on the right. There are several places where Chests can appear, but Travelers should know that these Chests are randomized for each player.

Travelers are advised not to take anything, as the items they unearth will tell what is nearby. If the Traveler is digging for explosives, you have to go back to Old Chou and start over. You only have a few chances each day.


Undetected Infiltration

Undetected Infiltration is a quest that has been released in Genshin Impact v2.6 . Furthermore, this is one of the sub-quests that will be active when the Traveler is completing the Millennials Mountain quest.

To complete this one quest is not too difficult really. You just need to follow a few steps that Gamedaim provides later. So, read the following article to the end.

Guide Quest Undetected Infiltration

To start this quest, the Traveler must go to Glaze Peak. There, they could find countless huts occupied by Treasure Holder's. After defeating them all, you will unlock the Undetected Infiltration sidequest .

Fortunately, this quest is very short and Travelers will have no trouble completing it. Here's a quick guide to completing this one quest .

Talk to Yanbo at Smuggler's Camp

After talking to Yanbo at the Treasure Holder's hut, he will move to a location called Smuggler's Camp. Luckily, there was a Teleport waypoint right next to it.

Travelers just need to talk to Yanbo and tell them his plans and nearby areas of interest. Travelers also then choose which areas they want to clean first.

Clean Logistics Camp

The traveler will then be asked to clear the Logistic Camp. In total, there are three main camps and the player must clear out all the enemies present. Some of these enemies are pretty tough with two main bosses.

After that, you have to return to Yanbo which has now turned into Millelith. He will talk to you about rewards as well as several other topics, including information about Millelith.

When finished, you will get 30 Primogem and also the Well Done archievement, Stierlitz. This archive will give players 5 Primogem tablets and also some valuable chests.