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Guide Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Just like RPGs in general, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love also have warrior class called Swordman. class it uses a sword as its main weapon and there are several types also use a spear.

After you reach base and job level 40, then you can choose two of class continued Swordman, namely Knight or Crusader. Then after reaching base level 70 dan job level 40, for those of you who have chosen class Knights can become Lord Knights, while those who choose Crusader can become Paladins.

In the guide Ragnarok M: Eternal Love this, I will discuss about Lord Knight with Bash type starting from how hunting, building equipment, runesand others.

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Know class Lord Knight

Lord Knight is class who specializes in using melee weapons and can be said to be semi classtank. To become a Lord Knight, you can choose a Swordsman, then change to a Knight when you reach job level 40.

Then you can proceed to Lord Knight when you reach job level 40 di class Knights.

When guide Ragnarok M: Eternal Love It is written that there are three general types that can be chosen when becoming a Lord Knight, namely Bash, Pierce, and Critical types.

As mentioned above, this time we will discuss about Lord Knight with Bash type.

As the name implies, this type we will focus more on the damage from the Bash skill. This is skills innate basis of class Swordman, which means you can immediately use it while you are still level small.

Bash-Type Lord Knight Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of the Bash-type Lord Knight is, you can more easily kill monsters with 1 hit only, which means farming or grinding you will be more effective, given the system hunting in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love limited by stamina.

Skills Bash also has status debuff that is stunwhich is very useful both against monsters and during PVP.

The drawback of a Bash-type Lord Knight is that it requires equipment and depend on runes which of course requires a lot of zeny.

Equipment, Runes, Cards, Skills

The first thing you must have before deciding to choose this type is the Bongun Card. As you can see below, the Bongun Card has a function to make STR status affect damage from skills Bash when this card is you deposit in the Adventure Handbook.


  • Weapon: Cutlus / Nagan
  • Off-hand: Floral Bracelet / Rosa Bracelet
  • Armor: Tight / Staunch Armor
  • Garment: Ancient Cape
  • Shoes: Rune Shoes / Rune Boots

For Runes you can increase Bash Empower which increases damage skills Bash at 10 percent every Runes-his. In total you can increase up to 100 percent damage Bash.

For cardif you have budget limited, you can aim for Desert Wolf Card 2 seeds.

One to attach to the weapon, while the other one you can deposit which has an effect ignore def 50 percent for all types of monsters, if damage to small monsters more than 50 percent.


  • Bash 10
  • Sword Mastery 10
  • Increase Recuperative Power 10
  • Magnum Break 1
  • Taunt 10
  • Endure 5
  • Heart of Steel 5
  • Cavalry Combat 5
  • Cavalry Mastery 5
  • One Hand Quicken 5
  • Aura Blade 3
  • Concentration 5
  • Lord Aura 10
  • Sword Parry 10
  • Call of Justice 5
  • Head Crush 10


You have many options for farming if you choose a Bash-type Lord Knight, especially if you have gotten a Nagan weapon. This weapon has a stat that can increase damage Bash to 100 percent and extra damage for medium sized monsters (medium).

You can farming Metaller, Mantis, Sohee, Orc Archer, and many more medium sized monsters (medium) other, according to items What are you looking for.

That’s it for a guide Ragnarok M: Eternal Love from gimbot regarding the Bash-type Lord Knight. If you’d like to discuss this topic, need another guide, or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!