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Guide : Location of Glaze Lily Genshin Impact

Glaze Lily Genshin Impact is one of the materials that is widely used for certain needs in the game. For example, to upgrade the Ningguang character level or the need for ascention material. This article will discuss the location of Glaze Lily Genshin where you can find it.

What is Glaze Lily?

Glaze Lily is a flower that has a light blue color and is located in the Liyue region. Glaze Lily is quite easy to find, because it is spread in many areas. These include the Qingce Village area and the Liyue Harbor settlement.

Unlike other flowers that only exist in one area. Glaze Lily is also the flower with the most expensive price of 50,000 Mora.

This flower search process is usually on the 4th day where players need a photo of a blue item to get a color card or color-themed card.

Later, players are required to take 10 blue photos by utilizing the allocated film per day. If successful, will get eight treasures as a reward during the Five Flushes of Fortune event takes place.

How to Find the Location of Glaze Lily Genshin Impact

Glaze Lily Genshin Impact locations can be easily found in the area around Mt. Tianheng, one of the Liyue region. For more details, here we provide a complete guide to finding Glaze Lily Genshin Impact.

Location 1: Near Qingce Village

Guide : Location of Glaze Lily Genshin Impact

The crop fields near Qingce village had many Glaze lilies that were quite far from each other.

After teleporting to the nearest waypoint, players can glide across the field to see the entire area and find Glaze lilies.

Players need to set the graphics as low as possible in order to see the Glaze lily flower among other plants.

However, you have to be careful when in the field, because there are flowers that are located close to Anemo Slims. Anemo Slims itself can provoke quite a disturbing fight.

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Location 2: Liyue Port

location 2

Another location to find Glaze lilies is at Liyue Harbor. It’s hard to see flowers here, because the area is quite crowded.

Players with the character “Qiqi” in their party could see Liyue’s skill on the minimap when she was nearby. This was thanks to Qiqi’s passive skill.

Well, those are the two locations where players can find Lily Glaze Genshin Impact. The scarcity of materials has indeed made a number of players complain because it is difficult to get photos of blue items. But, keep trying and hopefully useful.