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Guide Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Map 1 – – Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Map 1. Theater Mechanicus has returned to Genshin Impact version 2.0 with new bonuses and more challenges.

Veterans at Genshin Impact will certainly be very happy to clear each map, but not for new players who are still confused about placing Mechanicus in the right position.

Not to mention, randomly placing defense towers doesn’t completely wipe out enemies, and gamers may fail this mission.

Furthermore, the characters chosen in the team also play an important role in terms of strategy. This article will guide Travelers, especially new players, to complete map 1, ‘Slumber Spirit’s Bridge’.

Guide to completing Map 1 Event Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus

Genshin Impact players should already understand what Mechanicus is and what functions the Wondrous Stick carries out.