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Grandma Komaki's Treasure Quest Guide Day Two of Genshin Impact – This article will give you a guide to the Second Day Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Puzzle quest for Grandma Komaki’s Treasure.

The requirement to be able to take part in this quest is that you have completed the first day’s quest first. If so, read this guide to the end to find Rinzou’s treasure.

Grandma Komaki’s Treasure Quest Day Two

Talk to Komaki’s grandmother, then go to the location we marked in the image below by teleporting.

Grandma Komaki's Treasure Quest Guide Day Two of Genshin Impact

thief base location

After successfully entering the thief’s base or what is also known as the cave of misfortune, the thief will come.

Now, you need to defeat the thief then read his notebook. There, you can find 8 strange signs in the form of masks or what are called face symbols.

You can read the guide here: Location of Rinzou Genshin Impact’s Treasure Face Symbol. If you have found the eight locations of the face symbol, you will automatically get the pirate honesty achievement.

Actually, you can do the face Symbol quest or not, it’s up to you. But I recommend doing it to get a free achievement.

Next you need to go to the thief’s base which is located under the waterfall. Read next page..