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Grandma Komaki's Treasure Puzzle Day One Genshin Impact – This article will give you a guide to the Grandmother Komaki’s First Day Genshin Impact Treasure Puzzle quest.

The requirement to be able to take part in this quest is that you have completed the Watatsumi Island or Watsasumi Heart quest first.

Grandma Komaki’s Treasure Puzzle Day One Genshin Impact – Go To Mooun Shrine

If you have, you can go to Borou village to find Komaki’s grandmother. After that, Grandma will ask you to fetch water from Mouun Temple.

You just need to teleport from the Statue of Seven to the shrine. Then, deliver the water to Grandma Komaki in Borou Village.

From there, you can’t teleport or change places. Like it or not, you have to walk to get to Borou village.

If the water has been handed over, Komaki’s grandmother will then ask you to go to the cave marked on the map to look for clear water.

Grandma Komaki's Treasure Puzzle Day One Genshin Impact

defeat the enemy Hydro

After touching the water, Hydro enemies will appear and you need to defeat them all. Then, you need to go to the waterfall to find the real clear water.

Previously, in Borou village what you brought to Komaki’s grandmother was dirty and contaminated water.

Then, deliver the clear water you got from the waterfall to Komaki’s grandmother. Succeeded, the depth divine plant quest completed.

But it doesn’t stop here, next you need to find hidden treasures. Read on page 2 for a guide.

Ask Grandma the Location of the Hidden Treasure