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Girlband Makes Esports Team, Signs that Mobile Games Have Many Female Enthusiasts?

Aqua, the esport team formed by Actoz Soft

Did you know, recently there was shocking news about esports? Girlband and Group idol Cherrybelle and JKT48 form a team esports.

Wow, how come? In fact, this shows that the industry esports is growing, even the group’s music industry is ogling idol and girl group.

Reportedly JKT48 first formed a team esports and after that was followed by Cherrybelle who participated in enlivening the industry esports both of which came from their own personnel.

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Valkyrie48 from JKT48

Valkyrie48 Team

JKT48 had time to give news about the formation of the team esports at the Kachuusha Handshake Festival which was held in September 2022. Until finally at the Legion of Champion III Indonesia Final event, JKT48 officially announced the team esports their newest.

Valkyrie48 is divided based on the game team that will be their mainstay, namely PUBG Mobile and AOV. From the PUBG Mobile team, Valkyrie48 is filled by Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi alias Anin from Team K III, Syahfira Angela Nurhaliza or Angel from Team T and Sinka Juliani or commonly called Sinka from Team J.

Meanwhile, from the AOV team, Jinan Safa Safira (Jinan) from Team T, then Tan Zhi Hui Celine (Celine) from Team T and Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan or commonly called Desy (Team KIII).

MegaKiss from Cherrybelle

MegaKiss Team

If Valkyrie48 focuses on PUBG Mobile and AOV, then MegaKiss from Cherrybelle focuses on Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, okay, it’s only different in Mobile Legends and AOV.

When formed, the MegaKiss team consisted of 5 personnel from Cherrybelle as well, namely Cindy “Snow”, Crysta “CRYSTAL”, Jesslyn “BUBBLES”, Jessica “MissMurder”, and Emelyn “PEACH”.

The name MegaKiss is inspired by a well-known term in the MOBA DOTA 2 game, Mega Kill. Later they will debut performing in January 2022

Mobile Games Are Mastered by Girls?

Newzoo. That can certainly be a factor in their choosing mobile platforms.

In addition, there are more interesting facts. The players who dwell in mobile games was dominated by women.

This is based on the infographic released by mediakix. The infographic shows the number of players with gender women have a percentage of 63% compared to men who are only 37%.

Source: Mediakix

It seems like mobile platforms it is very suitable for girls although it is undeniable that there are also girls who play games on other platforms such as LOL (League of Legends) and DOTA 2.

Plus the presence of the team esports consisting of para girl group and group idol favored by the Adams, most likely Mobile gaming its market share will continue to increase, or it can even erode the share of other markets which are dominated by women.