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Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice : Which Flower to Choose?

Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice : Which Flower to Choose? The Windblume Genshin Impact Festival is coming to an end. Travelers will be given the opportunity to become a Windblume Star to choose which Windblume to offer to Barbatos this year.

Windblume itself is a code used for a long time to communicate the rebellion against the Decarabian, the God of Storm, and the old Anemo Archon. As written in the description Windblume Ode.

“The flowers that are in bloom are a symbol of love and the arrival of spring. There is no sign of rebellion, nor is there a sign of raising a banner.”

Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice

When given a choice, players will probably wonder which Windblume to choose. Actually there is no definite answer to this question. Players are free to choose any flower. Depends on desire.

There is no difference in the results of these choices. Any choice is correct as long as it represents a happy festival. However, Paimon had five different reactions to the six flower choices.

However, it is advisable to choose flowers that they know and have in their inventory. If the player selects a flower that they don’t currently have, he or she will be prompted to go and find it before the search continues.

Genshin Impact Windblume Flower choices : 6 Flower Options

Jean would ask Windblume Star which Windblume they wanted to offer Barbatos. There will be six choices presented.

1. Dandelion and Windwheel Daisies

The two of them represented the majority of the Windblume people’s choices, so Paimon had the same reaction towards them.

2. Cecilia

Beatrice called Cecilia her Windblume of choice the first time a Traveler saw the Windblume Festival.

3. Small Lamp Grass

Nimrod asked the traveler to find Small Lamp Grass in Act II of the quest. He intends to make it as a gift for his wife in order to celebrate the Windblume Festival.

4. Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower is a Sucrose pick from Windblume, as shown in Act III of the quest. It was something he was most passionate about in his field of research.

5. Wolfhook

Unlike other Windblume which are flowers, Wolfhook is the definition of Windblume by Razor. He described it as “Spicy and Amused.”

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Stormterror Lair Puzzle

After offering Windblume to Barbatos, Venti will ask Traveler to come to Stormterror’s Nest with him. It looks like the situation is unstable. Players are asked to clear the Hilichurls camp surrounding the three Anemo totems.

After all of the Hilichurls are defeated, Venti will task the player with dealing with unstable wind currents in the ruins. To solve this puzzle, the player needs to use the buttons next to the three Anemo totems.

If so, the Anemo totem will glow in a certain order. The player must then activate the wind totem in that order using the Anemo skill or burst. If players don’t have an Anemo-specific character in their roster, they must go to Statue of Seven and switch elements from Geo to Anemo.

Players can take advantage of the wind currents generated by the totems to travel to the top of the Stormterror Nest or Stormterror Lair and talk to Venti.

Venti would later tell all about Windblume. The search ended with the story of the sweet mood of the people of Mondstadt.

The Windblume Festival represents concepts like freedom and love. Residents of Mondstadt use this opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their loved ones.

They offered Windblume to Anemo Archon, Barbatos, and presented these flowers to their loved ones.

The mission is complete and the player is entitled to a prize of 60 primogems and three wit heroes, one of the Character EXP Material items.