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Genshin Impact Tua Old Slate Locations – Location of the Genshin Impact Old Slate. Among the myriad of new quests in Genshin Impact version 2.0, one quest provides a blueprint for a 4-star sword.

The World Quest: The Farmer’s Treasure requires players to rescue Saimon Jirou and collect four old stone planks.

At the end of the task, players will receive a blueprint, the Northlander Sword Billet, and 60 Primogems as a reward.

Location of Old Slate at Genshin Impact – At the Well Bottom of Konda Desa Village

Location of the Old Genshin Impact Slate

via Sportskeeda

Players can find the first old slate in a well in Konda Village. Note that the well is locked unless the player has completed another quest namely “Strange Stories in Konda”.

To open the well, players can start the quest by talking to the priest near the fox statue at the entrance of Konda Village.

Then proceed to Konda Village to collect clues from the four NPCs. After the player collects all the evidence and confronts the village head, the location of the diary will be revealed by him.

In the journal, the player will find the key to the well. At the bottom of the well, players will find a room containing a Luxury Chest. One of the old slates lay on top of a box next to the Luxury Chest.

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