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Genshin Impact Teaser Trailer Introduces Sangonomiya Kokomi, Skill and More

MiHoYo released a new trailer for Genshin Impact’s upcoming character, Kokomi, while also revealing his hydro-based support skills.

Genshin Impact does continue to add new content to the game, including a new region called Inazuma that arrived earlier this summer.

The land is inspired by the real-life country of Japan, and for players who have reached Adventure Rank 30 or above, the area is full of new quests.

Since update 2.0, Genshin Impact has continued to deliver new content including a crossover event with the Guerrilla Game franchise, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Along with Aloy joining, update 2.1 also brings events, activities, and four new heroes, one of which is Baal.

The powerful Inazuma Electro Archon. Now, the title is preparing for the arrival of the next big 5 star character and Baal’s rival, Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Genshin Impact Teaser Trailer Introduces Sangonomiya Kokomi

The latest teaser trailer for Genshin Impact introduces the resistance general from Watatsumi Island.