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Genshin Impact Sayu: Elemental Skill Leaks, Burst, and More

Genshin Impact Sayu – I think wimpy is the main character of the anime series Higehiro. For those of you who are anime lovers, you know that because this anime is also often trending, it is the rival of Tokyo Revengers.

However, Sayu here is a new character who will be present in Genshin Impact. There have been leaks about this one character.

He is a 4-star Anemo Claymore user and will be a strong support with his healing skills and Anemo damage for any Genshin Impact team.

He is the original character of Inazuman who was inspired by Ninja and Tanuki. Players can find out about his Elemental Skill, Burst, and details about his kit, as the leak has just arrived.

Genshin Impact Sayu: Elemental Skill Leaks, Burst, and More

Sayu will bring the unique skill Genshin Impact as the 4-star Anemo claymore character from Inazuma.

The character was recently revealed by the official Genshin Impact Twitter account. His skills and talents have also been leaked.

He had a new form of mobility in his Elemental Skills and his Elemental Burst functioned similarly to Bennett. The official names of most of Sayu’s Talents and Abilities are unknown at this time.

Sayu’s Talent

Sayu’s first talent makes animals like Crystalflies less likely to run away from players

  • Asc 1: When Sayu triggers Swirl’s reaction, all party members recover 300 HP and an additional 1.2 HP points per every EM point Sayu has.
  • Asc 2: When Sayu uses her Elemental Burst, her partner called Luoluo will heal their closest target and rejab at 20% of the original healing. It will also deal increased AOE damage to enemies.

Sayu’s talent seems to be increasing her heal ability. He will also get some additional utility thanks to his passive talent.

You will find it easier to catch Crystalflies and other animals with this passive talent. Sayu’s other talent is to provide extra healing and can increase her elemental mastery, much like Kazuha.

Elemental skills and Burst

Sayu’s Elemental and Burst skills are the most unique skills in Genshin Impact. It can provide great mobility and supportive potential.

Sayu’s Elemental Skill will make her curl up into a spinning wheel and hit enemies dealing Anemo damage in AOE.

What’s interesting about this ability is that when held, Sayu can roll for up to 10 seconds in the form of a ball.

He can even pick up another element to release it when the skill is released. The longer the skill is held, the longer the cooldown.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst allowed her to summon her helper, whose name had been translated as Luoluo.

The friendly Daruma will heal a closest friend whose health drops below 70%. When all friends are charged and healthy, it will deal Anemo damage to nearby enemies.

Sayu definitely has great potential as a support in Genshin Impact. You must try out its abilities yourself after its release in Genshin Impact 2.0.