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Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Web Event : How to Make Furniture

The developers have announced the Hilidream Camp web event to end Genshin Impact 1.4 with a bang. This event will revolve around the upcoming Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact 1.5.

Players are assigned to help some Hilichurl make furniture. There will be a small space for decorating.

This event is a great start for the housing system that will be implemented in Genshin Impact 1.5. Not only is it fun to decorate, players will also be rewarded with Primogem and scratch furniture.

How to make furniture at Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Web Event

To play on this web show, make some furniture by combining three to four of the available materials.

To get these materials, follow the daily task or daily tasks. With the materials obtained, players will have four opportunities to make furniture or items that they failed to make before.

The following is a list of 16 pieces of furniture that can be made at the web event. Outside the combination of the 16 items are likely to fail. The order is not important.

  • Hilichurl Bed = Wooden Bundle + Bucket + Slime Bowl
  • Downy Carpet = Slime Bowl + Slime Bowl + Parchment
  • Dancing Tree = Bucket + Bucket + Parchment
  • Stone Stove = Bucket + Slime Bowl + Parchment
  • Folding Screen = Wood Bundle + Wood Bundle + Parchment
  • Low Stone Stool = Wood bundle + Slime Bowl + Slime Bowl
  • Mysterious Wooden Ladder = Wood Bundle + Bucket + Parchment
  • Broom = Parchment + Parchment + Slime Bowl
  • Mitachurl Mask = Wood Bundle + Slime bowl + Parchment
  • Paper Hanging Lamp = Bucket + Bucket + Bowl
  • Multipurpose Pot = Wood Bundle + Parchment + Parchment
  • An Unusual Portrait = Parchment + Parchment + Bucket
  • Hilichurl Mask Rack = Bucket + Bucket + Wood
  • Small Lamp “Grass” = Slime Bowl + Slime Bowl + Bucket
  • Round Stone Table = Wood Bundle + Wood Bundle + Slime Bowl
  • Storage Cabinet = Wood Bundle + Wood Bundle + Bucket

We remind you again, using the same three ingredients or a combination of the ingredients above will result in a failed item. So, players need to avoid it.

Prizes to be Received

After finding 15 pieces of furniture, players will get a Primogem and two pieces of furniture for their housing.

  • 120 Primogem
  • “Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails” Furniture
  • “Cloudy Haze Bed” Furniture

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